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Christmas Cooties

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas...

An Open Letter to Telemarketers

The Perfect Weekend

33 is Just as Great as 32!

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Memory Foam...Alien Technology?

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Landlord DRAMA

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Take Me To The Beach

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Big Brother - The Year of the Floaters

Unpacking Service...ANYONE?!?!?

Big Brother - Graduation Day

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Home Ownership Is...

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

Big Brother - Surf's No Longer Up, Dude

Bloggin' 'Bout Big Brother

Sunday Randomness

How Time Flies

Shove, Shove, Shoving Along!

Friday Randomness...

Workin' the Pole

Well, Looks Like We Got Screwed...

Let The Waiting Begin!

It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't've Left You...



Trouble Sleeping...

We're Living The Dream!!

I Should've Named Her Mindy*

Truer Words Were NEVER Spoken!

The Universe Hates Me...

So It Is Written...

Does Baby Phat Make Diapers?


In the immortal words of Ice Cube...

Sucked Dry

More randomness...

Sputtering Along...

Scary Day

Falling in Love...

Randomness...what a surprise!

Brie's First Basketball Game...or "Who Let The Toddler Out?!?"

Do naps make you feel guilty, or am I the only one??

Glutton For Punishment

Hair Stress and Me...