In the immortal words of Ice Cube...

Today was a good day. We got a half day of from work, I had a good workout and I got to spend some *ahem* "quality time" with my husband. I realized today that I haven't had fast food all week! That is a major accomplishment for me.

To Big Brother or Not To Big Brother

I have auditioned to be on Big Brother three or four times and never been picked. Well, I find out today that they are holding a casting call five minutes from my house tomorrow! I'm taking Brie to Disney on Ice in the morning, but in the afternoon I'm taking my butt over there to make my tape. I actually drove from DC to Philly (or Pittsburg...can't remember which) to go to a casting call. It was the closest one to me.

Of course now that I have a daughter that I love more than life itself and a kick ass job of COURSE I expect to get farther than ever before. I wonder what's gonna happen...


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