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Big Brother 19 - Episode 14: Never Count Your Chickens...

Last night was…wow.  Where to begin?

Paul talks with the others in the house and convinces them that Josh in the house is better for their game because he will always be gunning for Jessica and Cody.  As long as he is a threat to them, they will be gunning for him and vice-versa.  He makes a very valid point.  Unfortunately, Ramses is the sacrificial lamb in this case, proving that sometimes “pawns can go home.”  Paul just tells Josh to lay low and to play for Veto.

Meanwhile, Jessica asks Paul if she can be looking for any surprises with the votes come Thursday.  Being the vet that he is, he tells Jess that if it were him, he wouldn’t be asking those questions this early on because Veto still has to be played.  If Josh were to win somehow and pull himself off, she would have to not only scramble to come up with another nominee but then have to campaign again for the votes to get Josh out.  Of course, Jess sees this as “unsolicited advice” and wants no part of it, but Paul is 100% cor…

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