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Big Brother 19 - Episode 23: Paging Dr. Will Kirby...

First, you’ll have to forgive me.  I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday evening, so I watched the episode without taking notes.  This recap may not be as robust as the others, so I’ll just hit the hot spots.
Kevin is missing his family, and Cody confides in him that he has a daughter.  I completely forgot that fact.  Cody doesn’t want that information used against him in the game, so the only other person he told was Jessica.  Kevin’s been really good about keeping his secrets, so I don’t think the rest of the house will find out.
Cody’s only chance to save himself is to play in the Veto competition.  Names are drawn, and he is not among them.  It’s a classic game where points are earned in each round, and the person with the fewest number of points is eliminated and gets to claim their prize.  In these comps, the Veto is always the first prize won but eliminated HGs can keep their prize, or trade it for someone else’s.  The Veto always bounces around in this comp. 
Paul is eliminated …

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