The Universe Hates Me...

No, it really does. I have been known to tell the joke ‘if the Earth didn’t suck, we’d all fall off’, but I really think the Cosmos are out to get me.

Not only did I not lose my goal of 2 lbs., but I actually GAINED 1.8. Just when I think I have a handle on things…WHAM! I get hit with a gain. Part of me just thinks I need to accept myself as I am and be “Fat and Happy”. I just can’t wrap my brain around it though. At least I’m not so far gone that I’m logging into Ana and or anything, but I’m just so tired of the struggle. I’m ready to have my second baby, have my tummy tuck and be done with it already!


azure said…
Girl, you're not the only one. I lost all the baby weight within days after the birth of my son. My body even went as far as dropping down to several pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight for about five months. I get on the scale yesterday and bam! I haven't just gained a few pounds, but somehow in the past three months, I've put on over 12 lbs!! Who does the universe hate now?!?!?!

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