Big Brother: BIG Disappointment

Well, they haven’t called yet. I keep asking myself “why do I put myself through this when they never call?” and “what is it that I’m missing?”. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to either of those questions. Truth is, if they came back to the same Dos Gringos every year to do a casting call, I’d be there. There’s just something that draws me to this show and makes me want to participate. Honestly, it’s not even the $500,000, even though that would be AMAZING to have. I can only imagine being debt free and in our own house. Speaking of which…

Oh Give Me A Home…

We’re in the process of trying to get pre-approved for a home loan now. We want to be in our own home by the end of the year. Renting is getting really old, and we could use the tax breaks! We don’t want anything fancy. Wait…scratch that. We can’t really afford anything fancy. A pool used to be my top priority, but we’ve had a pool for a year and a half now and I can probably count on both hands (maybe even one) how many times I’ve been in it. If we don’t get a pool, I’d at least like a backyard big enough to accommodate one in the future. We plan on being in this house for a while. I’d like at least three bedrooms…one for us, one for Brie and one for a Player Yet To Be Determined. An extra would be nice for a play room for Brie. A loft would be even better.
I have also decided that we need a good kitchen. Now that I’ve fully caught the baking bug, I need room to work! I know Kenny wants a nice kitchen too. As much as he loves to cook, he’s been really disappointed with the work space in the last two.
Last up on my “must have” list is a NICE master bathroom. I need a garden tub and separate shower, especially since I plan on being pregnant in it. Nice warm baths were a LIFESAVER for relaxing when I was preggers with Brie.
Like I said, it’s not a huge list, but I want a home that we both like, that we feel comfortable in, and that we can be in for a good while. Luckily Kenny is very “handy” so there’s a lot we can do to a home, I think anyway. I’m also excited to decorate for the first time. Everywhere I’ve lived has felt “temporary”, so I’ve never wanted to invest in painting, artwork or curtains. I’m excited to do these things in our new home…but we gotta get the loan, first. We haven’t heard word, but they haven’t said no yet either. Keep all of the appropriate body parts crossed for luck, please!


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