I'm sick. How do I manage to get sick over the weekend?!? My throat is always sore and I just overall feel like crap. I've had an all right weekend, though.

Disney On Ice: Disneyland Adventures

We had fun. The show was an hour and a half so of course Brie got a little restless, but she loved seeing "MOUSE!". When Mickey and Minnie weren't around, she was asking for them. "Mouse? Mouse?". It was very cute.

Big Brother Update

I went to the casting call. I met with a casting producer for a few minutes and talked a little bit about myself. She said she was making her decisions immediately, so if I heard anything in the next few days, great! If not that means I wasn't picked (again). Man, I don't I've EVER been rejected this much and kept coming back for more. What is WRONG with me??

Easter Fun

Brie and I colored a few eggs tonight. She had fun, but she's a bit too young to understand the "delicacy" of the eggs. she was very cute spooning the "soup" as she called it over the eggs. The colors came out very nicely...robin's egg blue, pink, yellow and orange. Mommy got creative on the last one. We only hard boiled six eggs, and three of them cracked during the cooking process. Oh well, the experience itself was fun. I'm sure next year I'll be in for a whole dozen...or more!


There's that word again!!! Okay, remember how proud I was that I hadn't had fast food all week? Well, I went to McDonald's. I don't even know why. It wasn't that great! I really need to get a handle on the eating, or killing myself at the gym every week will be for nothing! I go Tuesday and Saturday this week. I just have to keep saying to myself "I WANT to feel the burn. I WANT to feel the burn..."


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