Big Brother - Graduation Day

Jesse nominated Michelle and Jordan for eviction, but Michelle won the Power of Veto (PoV) and pulled herself off the block. This made way for Jesse’s true plan to not back-door Ronnie, but Casey instead. Just like Ronnie, this was a good move for his own game…which Jesse is playing much better this time around IMO.

Man, Casey’s speech to the house to save him from eviction was FIERCE. He called Jesse and Ronnie all kinds of names, basically because he knew he was beaten. He accused everyone in the house of being “sheep” and he refused to participate. NEWS FLASH Casey, part of this game is going along with whomever holds the power. It’s how you avoid talking to Julie Chen wondering “What happened?”. Make too many big moves right off the bat and you put an instant target on your back.

Russell was the only vote for Casey, which I thought was a little odd. Come to find out, he had a deal with Casey from day one that he would never vote to evict him. Russell stayed true to his word. Every week there’s been one rogue vote that everyone is blaming everyone else for, so this week wasn’t any different. No one would ever suspect Russell, since his clique-mates were responsible for Casey’s eviction. Jeff knows his secret now though, so it’ll be interesting if Jeff keeps his word not to tell, or if he shares it with his bed-mate Jordan.

Now that the cliques are dissolved, I definitely think that Jesse is going to have a rough road ahead. Everyone sees him as a threat and just coming off of HoH makes him easy to pick off. Make no mistake, if they want to get rid of him he’ll have to be back-doored. The house is too afraid that he’d win the PoV and be able to save himself. They’re right.

The endurance-based HoH competition came to an end during After Dark, so I know who won…but I won’t spoil it for the faithful. Let’s just say that this week will be very interesting. This week’s Have Nots were chosen in an “interesting” way as well. Tune in Sunday…


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