Bloggin' 'Bout Big Brother

I can't believe I didn't think of doing this before! As addicted as I am and as badly as I want on this show, it only seems logical that I include it in my blog! Maybe I should change the name to "A Buncha Big Brother"...

Anywho, this season thrusts the houseguests back into high school. I think that's interesting because during my interview I mentioned being smart, but high school. WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK ME?!!! But, I digress...

The houseguests are formed into cliques...Popular, Offbeat, Athletes and Brains. If someone from your clique wins the Head of Household (from here on out referred to as HoH) everyone in your clique is safe. One other "twist" was that someone from a previous season was brought back into the house. Since the Athletes won the first competition, Jessie from last season returned, giving the Athletes one member over every other clique.

Jessie's okay to look at, but I think much like last year he'll wear thin sooner rather than later and be gone. Since we're already three shows in, I'll just cut to the chase.

Lydia (Offbeat) and Chima (Brain) were put on the block...Lydia being the target and Chima being the pawn. Lydia didn't take this lying down, and campaigned to get herself taken off of the block. Good for her! Finally someone plays the game to their advantage when they're on the block and doesn't either (1) whine and cry about it or (B) throw a complete fit and ensure their departure from the house. Chima's a pawn (for the time being) so she's laying low, as she should.

The Athletes and the Brains formed a quick alliance in the house. With Lydia campaigning hard to stay, the Athletes decide that maybe Braden (Popular) should go, since he's so charming and is playing "harmless houseguest". The Athletes discuss this strategy with Ronnie (Brain) and he agrees. Ronnie's strategy of "showing allegiance to everyone in the house" so that he's not considered a threat by anyone is a good one IMO, but he played his cards too quickly. He runs to Braden and others and tells them of the Athlete's plan.

Dude, you're an idiot. Of COURSE you want to remain loyal to whomever is in power, but you don't screw the people who are CURRENTLY in power! You should've kept that nugget to yourself. No one knows you're in an alliance with the Athletes, so when they change their mind you look dumb and pretend to know nothing. You've got one of your alliance members seeing you spend time with Braden, then seeing Braden become despondent. Dude, you're a Brain...DO THE MATH!!!

I think that the Power Move would've been to save Lydia and put Ronnie on the block. It shows the house that betrayal is not taken lightly. It worked for Kaysar in Big Brother 6 (well, he didn't win, so maybe not the ultimate move...but it worked in the short term What up KAY-SAR!!). This being the first week, I can see why Jessie didn't put up Ronnie and stuck with Braden. In this game there's safety in numbers, and if you throw someone under the bus from your "alliance" it freaks out the other people you're aligned with. This way, he can get rid of a definite player not in his alliance, keep Ronnie in the fold and know he's a snake, but not let Ronnie know that he knows he's a snake. As they say, keep your enemies close...

It'll be interesting to see who goes tomorrow. Braeden is a charmer, so he can get the votes. I'd like to see Chima stay...if for no other reason she's the only Black chick in the house.


Rebecca said…
Great idea to blog about Big Brother! Reading it will be almost like you are there to chat with me. :P

I do disagree about Chima though. I wanted to see her gone. Braden was on of my favorites and she is obnoxious.

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