My ebay/Postal Adventure (or, make sure your addresses are up-to-date BEFORE you hit send!!!)

I have been looking for inspiration for Boogie’s 1st birthday cake. For Brie it was a cupcake theme. I want to do something different for him, but I don’t know what. I thought, ‘why not go on ebay and look for a new Wilton Yearbook?’ I like to collect them anyway, so maybe this will get the ol’ creative juices flowing…

I logged on and found a 1995 yearbook that caught my eye, so I figured why not? It’s only $3 and no one else has bid on it yet. The auction was ending in 20 minutes, so I placed my bid…and won!

I had $15 in my PayPal account, so paying for it was a cinch. I ran through it so quickly that it wasn’t until I hit the “Send” button that I realized the address on my PayPal account was from almost two years ago! I frantically changed all of my addresses in PayPal and ebay. Then I sent a message to the seller letting her know. That SAME DAY I got a response back saying that she’d already dropped it at the Post Office to the incorrect address! She wasn’t mean about it or anything…just made it VERY CLEAR that this was my fault, which I acknowledge.

She told me that Media Mail rarely got returned to the sender, but if it did she would let me know how much the additional postage would be to send it to me. So on a hunch I decided to call my old neighborhood Post Office.

I spoke with someone there (didn’t get her name) and she told me that Media Mail would be returned as long as there was a valid return address. I then contacted the seller to tell her to be on the lookout for it. She sent me a message back letting me know the package had already been delivered! So, I called the Post Office back to inquire. This time I spoke with Gail. She couldn’t figure out why it had been delivered if I hadn’t been at that address for almost two years, so she did some investigating. She talked to the carrier and he couldn’t really remember, but said he was going back the next day and would try to retrieve it if he could.

EUREKA! Gail called to let me know she had my package and she would send it to me postage due if I called her back with the new address. After speaking to her, she told me to just come to the Post Office and she would just give it to me! It’s near my mom’s house, so I can just pick it up on my way to get the kids this evening. Gail said she’d be there until 6:30 or so.

Gail has been such a life saver! She was so sweet and went above and beyond to help me retrieve this $3 book. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great experience with the Post Office!

This book had better have some damn good ideas in it too!


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