Experiment #2 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

My son's 1st birthday party is this Sunday.  I'm making a chocolate cake in the shape of a 1, but I don't think that will be enough to feed everyone (not that many families invited, but each family has a few members, lol) so I wanted to do cupcakes as well.  I figured since I'm doing a chocolate cake, I'd do something different in cupcake form.  Since I love all things cookie dough, to the internet I went.

I found a wonderful recipe on Kevin and Amanda and anxiously wanted to do it.  I was very excited about the eggless cookie dough recipe, seeing as how I'm trying to feed these to friends and family and don't want any of them to get Salmonella poisoning!

I made the cookie dough to freeze on Saturday.  Of course, I had to make sure it tasted good...and I am happy to say after sampling a few spoonfulls it met my approval.

I baked the cupcakes Sunday afternoon.  I cut one down the middle to check out the cookie-doughy goodness and was THRILLED to see that it worked!   I was even more thrilled to discover that they tasted AWESOME!  Not dry at all...freezing the cookie dough made sure it didn't bake inside of the cupcakes.

I made the frosting Sunday evening.  I wasn't thrilled with it...it seemed greasy to me but tasted all right.  My husband thought it was wonderful, so I brought the rest in to work.  I only made 12 because I wanted to make sure  I could do it.  I didn't take pics to document basically because I suck...but since I'll be doing it again this weekend I'll take pics.

So far, the only words I've heard about my cupcakes are "phenomenal", "amazing" and "best cupcake I've ever eaten".  I think/hope they'll be a success on Sunday!


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