Big Brother 11 - Jeff "Counts" His Blessings

Well, Jeff was able to pull it out and win the PoV, essentially saving himself. I'm glad he was able to prove he could win a challenge, but I ultimately don't think he's up for this game. Maybe this will be a turning point...maybe not. We'll see in the coming days.

I think it was a good move for Ronnie to put up Jordan if his real target is Laura. Unfortunately, he's played his entire hand too early and pissed everyone off. He's even barricaded himself in the HoH room and won't talk to anyone. He compares himself to Dr. Will Kirby, but Will would never make the stupid mistakes he's made.

Laura is a shoe-in to go home tonight, but everyone in the house is gunning for Ronnie. Look for him to be back-doored next week...unless he can do some fast talking and strike a deal that someone will actually believe he'll honor. Russell is still claiming to be on his side (behind closed doors, of course), so who knows?


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