Big Brother - Surf's No Longer Up, Dude

Well, Chima dodged a bullet and Braden the Popular surfer is out. I'd sure love to know what they beeped out during her speech though...

Ronnie was right on not voting for Chima to be evicted. It was a good move to put the pressure on Jessie to evict Braden, so Ronnie still looks good in the eyes of his clique. I was surprised that Michelle voted for Chima, with them being in the same clique. Apparently it's "obvious" that they don't like each other, but they haven't shown that on the regular broadcasts (that I've seen). This season definitely has the makings of drama.

IMO, Ronnie won HoH entirely too early. Week one he's playing both ends against the middle, but now that he's HoH he has to definitely align with one side. You wait until later in the game when you've established yourself and play the "I'm sorry, my hands are tied" role. For such a self-proclaimed "schemer", I think that a Week 2 HoH is a bad move.

I've got Big Brother After Dark on in the background now, and they're still bickering about the eviction this afternoon. I think they're finding out that Ronnie's game isn't as tight as he'd like to believe...


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