Sunday Randomness

There's a LOT floating through my mind right now, so let me just get to it..

Freaked-Out Mom

Daddy took Gabrielle to her 2-year check up. All this time they've been telling us that she's "just small" and that "as long as she stays on her own little growth curve there's nothing to worry about". Well, she fell off of her little curve.

I'm officially worried. I'm a worrier. It's what I do. It's the only thing I REALLY know how to do REALLY well.

She had to have blood drawn for the first time, and I cried before they even pulled out the butterfly needle. I think for her it was more of the fact that they wouldn't let her move, because she didn't cry any worse when the actual needle went in. After it was over, it was over. She got a cookie, a sticker and had a freaky new gauze and tape bandage to show off.

They also have to do a sweat test which I think is for Cystic Fibrosis (cause that's what Lord Google told me), but Kenny couldn't remember exactly what it was for and the doc couldn't talk to me on the phone to tell me. It has to be scheduled, so I'm expecting a call on Monday.

On a happier note, her birthday was wonderful. We took her to Peter Piper Pizza. Needless to say she enjoyed herself.

(Almost) Homeownwers!!

I got the offical word on Friday afternoon that the bank gave us the "all clear" and the title company will have our paperwork Monday afternoon. So it looks like we'll be closing Tuesday morning and getting keys Tuesday afternoon! I'm more excited now because now it actually seems REAL! I'm already working on decorating Brie's room. I love you, HGTV!!


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