Big Brother - Laura's Out, Jesse's Back In

As I suspected, Popular Laura got the boot. Natalie is a bit devious herself, throwing Laura the sympathy vote and lying about it. She’s starting drama, possibly to throw Casey under the bus and get him evicted instead of Ronnie. The entire house wants Ronnie out next week, with the exception of the Athletes, his first secret and only true alliance. With Jesse winning HoH once again giving the Athletes the upper hand, Natalie has already promised Ronnie that he will neither be nominated nor back-doored. That could really send a rift through the house, and in my opinion may not be worth it. Ronnie’s game has already been revealed, so he’s not much of an asset anymore IMO.

I think he’ll nominate Offbeat Casey for sure, just because everyone in the house seems to be “done with him”. Casey is “only 99.9% sure of anything that happens in the house” and is 99.9% sure that Jesse will stick to his word and back-door Ronnie. Casey understands that two pawns have to be put up for nomination, but I’m not sure he’ll take too kindly to becoming one of those pawns, especially since he’s been thinking that people want him out of the house. The other nominee could very well be Brain Michelle. She doesn’t seem to have an alliance with anyone, not even her fellow brains Ronnie and Chima. When the game was new, it was easier to fly under the radar relatively undetected…for a while anyway. Now that there are “students of the game”, when you don’t have an allegiance to anyone, it’s easier to be targeted by everyone. It looks as though it’s harder to get you on their side, so you might as well be eliminated.

Man, this game is harsh! I love it. :)


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