George and Weezie, At Your Service!

Moving weekend is upon us. I’m so very excited to be getting out of this rental and into my own home! I was hoping to enjoy our pool for a little while longer, but it seems as though our pool service might have been discontinued in the wake of our early departure from our lease. This is monsoon season, so there are all kinds of leaves in our pool and no one has shown up to give it any TLC. Oh well, my mom’s still got a pool in her backyard, not to mention the two community pools we now have access too as residents of our wonderfully master planned community*.

There is still plenty to be packed. My wonderful husband has reassured me that there “really isn’t that much”, so maybe I’m just overwhelmed. The plan is to get a good nap in this evening so that I can be up late doing what needs to be done. Hopefully Mie-Mie will take care of Brie tomorrow so that we can spend the day packing.

*I just sounded like I was doing an ad for them, didn’t I? DANGIT!


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