Big Brother 11 - Ronnie's Reign

Well, Big Ronnie is trying to decide if he’s going to “shake up the house” by back-dooring Russell. Personally, I think week 2 is a bit early to be making such moves, but that’s just me. He’s a self-proclaimed “master manipulator”, I just don’t think you should be wearing that crown if everyone is already hip to your game in Week 2.

I think he’s right in putting up Popular Laura, with his reasoning being “she’s the only one who can put 2 and 2 together and figure out that I’m the one who voted for Braden”, since they’ve already shown that she figured it out right after the eviction. Athlete Jeff is his other nominee, but honestly I don’t think Jeff is built for this game. Either that, or he’s playing on a level that no one has imagined. He didn’t get along with his clique from day one, and in a game where there’s strength in numbers pissing off your teammates can be dicey. He’s not the only one, though. I think the only clique that truly gets along with everyone on it is the Offbeats (Casey, Lydia and Kevin). Getting back to Ronnie, he’s good at lying though, I’ll give him that. He’s got them all twisted mentally. At least he’s HoH in a week where a tie-breaking vote by the HoH isn’t a possibility.

Chima, on the other hand…I don’t know WHAT game she’s playing. I think she’s showing her ass because the Brains are the clique of power and she feels she has that right. What she needs to remember is that even though things change from day to day, the people playing it can also have very long memories. She needs to lay low and give her mouth and attitude a rest.

If Ronnie does indeed get the chance to backdoor Russell, it will be interesting to see if he actually does it. On the one hand, the Athletes have four members to the Offbeat and Brains’ three, and the Popular’s two, so it would even out the house a bit more. With that being said, Jeff doesn’t really consider himself a part of the Athlete clique, so if they get rid of Russell it could give the rest of the house the upper hand…unless the next HoH challenge is one based on endurance and the Athletes come back into power to avenge Russell’s eviction. This game is always about “what if”’s and you have to think about all possible angles before making a decision. I think that’s why I would be so good at it.

We’ll see what the PoV brings…


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