Friday Randomness...

In the immortal words of Huey Lewis & The News "If this is it, please let me know!"* We go to sign a contract on a house tomorrow morning. It's a spec home, so no short sales or foreclosures to deal with! It's in a nice area, 4br 2.5 bath and has everything we asked for. It's not my "ultimate dream house", but from what I'm finding the "ultimate dream house" isn't out there...unless you build it yourself. If all goes well tomorrow morning (which I believe that it will) we will be homeowners in July! I'm very excited about the prospect of it all.

*That just showed off my whiteness, didn't it? Dang...

We're right across from a tot lot and greenbelt so the kids can play (yes, there's still only one kid) and there are two community pools. All of the benefits with none of the expense! Can't really beat that. It will add about 15 more minutes to my commute, but that's not a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things. There's a nice eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a family room, a dining room and a separate living room. The master bedroom is huge!

I've been thinking about painting, decorating and window coverings. I've never really bothered with any of those things before. I've always lived in an apartment or someone else's home, so I never took the time to bother "making it my own". This will be all mine, so I'm excited!

Should I start stressing about the money to do it all now...or wait?

Terrible Two's Come Early

My daughter is a straight MESS. The only discipline she understands right now are raised voices and time-outs. I tried to smack the back of her hand when she did something wrong...all she did was smack it herself two more times! I think she cusses me out in toddler-speak too, but how do I discipline that? I can't really prove it. She's still the light of my life though, and much better than other children I've had the (dis)pleasure of coming into contact with.

What's That You're Eating?

I went to see a nutritionist today. I learned a LOT. I have more non-fat mass than someone of my height would normally have, so trying to get down to some ridiculous weight of 115 or 120 would never work. I weight almost that much in just muscle, bone and water! I also burn almost 1700 calories by doing nothing at all, but because my body fat percentage is so high my metabolism doesn't work right. I have meal plans and shopping lists to follow. She said to give it a couple of weeks and I should feel SO much better, as well as lose weight. It should help with the IBS, too.

I have ANOTHER colonoscopy scheduled for this month. If they don't find anything, they may start all of the IBS drug experimentation all over again. I kind of want them to find something so they can fix it, but I kind of don't because I don't want there to be anything serious wrong. It's confuzzling, I do you think I feel??

Is that enough randomness for one post?


Brian Bagley said…
Hey Babygirl! I think we'll go ahead an claim that house for your fam a day early....YOU ALREADY KNOW! Congratulations are in order. I see you've been busy....I've been busy too.....Just graduated (MBA) and .....wait for it......wait for it......Shani's pregnant! I feel like I ahould be calling you to tell you this...but I'm trying to get with the times. Your blog is the lingering bitterness over Baby Idol! LOL! Anyway....LOVE YOU! MISS YOU! and I'll talk to you later.

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