I Should've Named Her Mindy*

This is now a typical conversation in my house.

Gabrielle: Hi Dee!
Daddy: Mommy...
Gabrielle: Hi Mommy!

I'm not even sure where she gets it from. No one calls me Dee in front of her anymore, not for a couple of weeks now. She will revert back to Mommy, but isn't she a bit young for that stage? I feel like she's a bit young for all of the stages she goes through...but maybe that's just because I think she's a SUPER GENIUS!

*For those of you that don't get it after reading the post, watch the first minute of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRKQW7rPsY8&feature=related. Oh how I miss that show...


azure said…
I did have to watch the video clip to get it. How funny! Isn't it astounding how much more meaning things like cartoons have after we have children? Imagine, the writers really do draw from real life experiences!

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