The Big "Wow"

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Disney University seminar on excellent customer service. For years I've felt like customer service in this country has become complete CRAP. Tonight renewed my faith...

My mom took Gabrielle and I to Red Lobster for dinner. Our waitress' name was Sandy. She was sweet and personable and fawned all over my daughter (that right there bumps up your tip a few percent). She was very attentive to our needs and just an overall nice person. i usually expect average service, so for her to be so nice was a little "wow".

I ordered snow crab legs for myself (OF COURSE) and also for Brie off of the kid's menu. My mom wanted to know what scallops were, and even though I told her she's had them at our house, I couldn't really describe them. Sandy offered to have the kitchen cook up a couple so that she could try them. Again, another little "wow". Brie's plate came first, so I started cracking them open for her so she could get down. Then she arrive with my plate, I was completely blown away.

She offered to crack open Brie's crab legs so that I could enjoy my own while they were still hot. WHAT!?!?! I was absolutely amazed. I took her up on her offer, but felt guilty. She assured me that it was her pleasure. Talk about The Big "Wow"!

She continued to play with Brie so much so that when Brie was let out of her high chair she took Sandy's hand and wanted to walk with her. It was the sweetest thing! I really appreciate everything she did to make our dinner so pleasant.

Needless to say she got a 20%+ tip.


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