Day 3 On The Beach

Well, it’s day three and I’m still chillin’ on the beach. It hasn’t been too bad. Breakfast has been a bit of a struggle because I don’t plan ahead the night before. Kenny has been making me egg omelets with hummus in the AM. It sounds weird, and truth be told it kind of is. The warm hummus is kind of mushy, but it doesn’t taste bad. It’s what you gotta do in a pinch, you know? Not having breakfast or snacks with me yesterday REALLY left me hungry. Because if it I had a few M&M’s.

I really haven’t missed the bread and stuff. Last night for dinner we had ham, cauliflower and white beans. It was really good! Kenny made a cherry-pineapple glaze for the ham, but he and Mom had it on the side so I could eat the ham. I didn’t taste the glaze, but everything else was already so good that I didn’t miss it. We normally would’ve had some sort of starch for dinner, but we made the “Mock Mashed Potatoes” with the cauliflower. Basically you steam it, mix them with a hand mixer and add half & half, butter, salt & pepper. Kenny got the wrong half & half (not fat free) and you‘re supposed to use butter spray instead of margarine. He’s really trying to help so I didn’t complain. I just didn’t have as much as I could’ve. They’re not mashed potatoes and I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that you won’t notice the difference…because you will. They were good though.

Dessert in the first two weeks is very limited. There’s a Ricotta Crème that they have you make. The first night I made the vanilla variation. The flavor was fine, but the consistency was “grainy”, and I didn’t like it. The second night I tried the chocolate version. It was supposed to be mocha, but I couldn’t find espresso powder in the store. Again, the flavor was all right, but the texture was off. Brie on the other hand loved both and even finished the chocolate one for me!

For lunch today I have leftovers from last night. Should be easy-peasy.Only problem is that the scale was still at the old house when I started this, so I never weighed myself. I’ll have to do that tonight so that when I do it again in a week and a half, I’ll have a benchmark.


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