Chima is the Queen-a*

*Okay, I couldn't come up with anything more clever than that. So sue me.

I was glad to see Chima win HoH so she can finally put her money where her mouth is. It wasn’t a surprise that she put up Russell and Lydia…she’s been gunning for Lydia for WEEKS and after all of the knock-down, drag-outs she’s been having with Russell, that was a no brainer. She needs to be careful though…

There are too many people in the house to dwindle your numbers. Natalie is right in saying that Russell could be a vote for them coming down the pike. If you get rid of Russell, it’s really just the three of them (Chima, Natalie and Jessie) against the rest of the house. I think that Russell can be brought back into the fold, if you can show him that you can be beneficial to him in the short-term.

With Jeff having the Coup D’etat, I’m worried about Chima’s nominations. On the one hand if Russell doesn’t win POV I’m not convinced he won’t use the power to pull him off of the block. On the other hand, doing so would show Jeff’s cards too early and it would put the entire house against he and Jordan, which he absolutely doesn’t want to do. There are still too many people in the house to piss off. Having this power is wonderful and all, but they give it to you too early in the game, when it really isn’t beneficial to use it. That’s probably the whole point, knowing Big Brother. He could rationalize it by putting Jessie up on the block and telling everyone that it’s the perfect opportunity to get him out since he’s such a fierce competitor. I really don’t think Jeff would use the power unless he or Jordan is up on the block. Everyone is fully aware of his loyalties to Jordan and would expect nothing less of him. Anyone else he should just let go.
By not saving Russell you’re sending him to the jury house, eventually I think everyone realizes that it’s a game and you have to do what’s best for yourself in order to win. Russell would be bitter about Jeff not sticking by him, but with some time to think about it I think he would know that Jeff would jeopardize his own game by pulling him off and that’s really not what this game is about.


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