Big Brother Craziness

I really didn't think Jeff was the type of player to use his power, but it definitely shook up the house. I was sorry to see Jessie go. He was my main PLWB, but at least I'll get to see him when they show the Jury house. Now, on to the SERIOUS drama...

Chima got kicked out. I've known for the past few days, but didn't know the details. She didn't want to "give them the satisfaction of voting her out", so she'd rather look like a crazy bitch and get kicked out? Not the brightest bulb in the box.

I get that she was upset, but she just ruined all of her chances. She has to pay for the mic she destroyed, she doesn't get to go to the jury house and she doesn't get to come to the finale. Hey, maybe her goal was to be the Omarosa of Big Brother...

Jordan is now HoH, and I foresee her putting up Natalie and Lydia. Call it a hunch.* I'm still watching, so I don't know the outcome yet.

*Hunch? Really? That's the most obvious pink elephant in the room right now.


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