Big Brother - The Year of the Floaters

I'm sitting here watching BB After Dark on a split screen as I type tonight's entry. I know it's only Week 4, but there are more floaters than game players this season!! Let's see who remains...

Michelle: FLOATER. She's been floating since day one. She hasn't bothered kissing up to the HoH (see Lydia), but she just hasn't bothered with anything! Yes, she's won two PoV's in a row, so maybe now she's trying to emerge.

Chima: FLOATER. She's attached herself to the now former Athletes alliance, but she hasn't done much of anything. Her laugh and the way she scrunches her face when she laughs is enough for me to want her ass gone.

Natalie: FLOATER. She's been on Jesse like white on rice. She hasn't won anything, and frankly hasn't needed to. She has no respect, seeing as how Chima is the only one left in the house that doesn't know she's not really 18. She needs to form her own game. Her jealousy of Lydia is ruining the relationship with Jesse. She's truly acting her fake age.

Lydia: FLOATER. She will kiss anyone who's HoH's ass. That's her whole game. She has no real least none that she's shown.

Kevin: FLOATER. He's laid low and let everyone with drama take the forefront. Maybe that's his whole strategy. If he's throwing competitions, you'd never know it. If that's his plan he's got more game than I'm giving him credit for. Somehow I just don't think so.

Jordan/Jeff: FLOATERS. There's really no reason to separate them and give them each their own blurb. 'Nuff said.

Russell: Player. He's just gotten his chance to play since he won HoH, but he's seriously in his head wondering who's going to come after him next week. He's doing what he should, trying to plan 2-3 moves ahead, but he's showing his paranoia outwardly and that's a mistake. Man, I hope they air last night's blow up he had with Chima. I thought they were gonna come to blows.

Ronnie: True Player. He screwed the pooch and will more than likely be going home tomorrow unless Jesse can pull out a miracle. I think it was a mistake, but at least he came out guns blazing.

Jesse: True Player. He's been doing a little puppet master work of his own. I think because everyone watched him last year they underestimated him. I'm really pulling for him this season. I personally want him to get the Coup D'Etat. Besides, the longer he's around, the longer I get to look at my PLWB*, as my husband "affectionately"** refers to him.

Did you know that The Voice*** actually asks people to stop whispering, stop singing, and stop humming? I wonder why that is...

*Pretty Little White Boy

**Affectionately is synonymous with hatred.

***For those of you who have never seen BB After Dark, there is a voice that comes over the loudspeaker telling the houseguests to "put on your microphone", "please go to the diary room", "you are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests", etc. It sounds kind of ominous, but rather than refer to the voice as The God of Big Brother ('cause I'm probably already going to hell) I refer to him as The Voice.


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