Scary Day

I had the longest three hours of my life this morning.

Brie, Kenny and I were downstairs before I had to leave for work. Kenny called Brie over to share his hash brown with her, so she walked over to him. She pulled a pill out of her mouth to make room for the hash brown. That's when panic set it.

The pill was small and white, so definitely one of mine. She had sucked the engraving off of it so I had no idea which one it was. I called the pediatrician and they said to call Poison Control. They told me to watch her for a couple of hours to see if she got really sleepy. If so, a visit to the ER was in my future.

Again, the longest three hours of my life. I was beating myself up for ever dropping the pill (which I still have no idea when that was done). She's absolutely fine, but all day I was so close to tears. To top it off, I had to lift binders and boxes of files at work all afternoon and my shoulders and upper back are KILLING me from Wednesday's workout! Not a good day at all.

I think it's off to bed now. Or at least, off to the bedroom. I may cut on the 360 for a mindless distraction before I drift off to sleep. I've got the gym tomorrow morning. He's gonna go after my legs, I just know it!


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