Randomness...what a surprise!

I played Scene It! Box Office Smash for the first time last night on our XBox 360. I love board games and movie trivia, so to have both on my XBox? Sweet! I usually dominate anyone that I play in it. Not bragging, it's just what happens. I retain a lot of useless entertainment information like that. I didn't totally blow Kenny out of the water, but it was a good win.

The Baking Bug

I have found a love of baking, too. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was baking Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal cookies for an exchange I was doing. Of course I didn't think to take any pics of them. I needed 3 dozen and that's exactly what the batter yielded. I had to break off a piece of cookie so I could just try them. They were good. Not the best cookie I've ever had by any means, but I'd eat them again. It was a Weight Watchers recipe I found and I thought I'd give it a try.

I also baked a cake over the weekend. It's called a Better Than Sex cake, and it includes a box mix, pudding mix and chocolate chips. I made a cream cheese icing for it too that turned out VERY WELL in my opinion. I was also very proud of my cake as I slid it into the oven, that is...until this happened:

Kenny grabs the bowl the eggs were in to throw away the shells.
"You only used three of the eggs?" he asks.

WHAT!?!? I only used three of the four eggs I was supposed to use. I was stressed out about it for the entire 45 minutes the cake was in the oven. The layers looked pretty, but they were a bit heavier than they needed to be, and the bottoms got a bit crunchy. Kenny's been eating it and swears it's good. I have yet to go near it. I might try it...I might not. Part of me just wants to do it all over again with the 4 eggs it calls for and forget the 3-egg cake never happened.

The cream cheese icing is damn tasty, though.

Feel The Burn

I go for my Wednesday workout this evening. My soreness is completely gone from Saturday, so of course that means it's time to go back. I came prepared for the cardio portion today...I brought my iPod. The TVs will be on March Madness and I couldn't care less about college basketball. I do have my Redman's Doc's Da Name 2000 cd loaded, so I'm ready to go. Ah, gotta love old school...


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