An Open Letter to Telemarketers

You know what, I understand you're just doing your job...but LISTEN TO WHAT I'M TELLING YOU!  Mr. DirecTV Telemarketer, let's call him "Steve" for the purposes of this post*, telling me that "it's only $8 more a month does NOTHING for me when I just told you THREE TIMES that I don't want my bill to be any higher than it already is!  Yes Steve, I like sports.  Yes Steve, I'm sure that the extra channels will allow us to pick up games that we can't see currently.  No Steve, trying it out for 30 days will not help me because once again, after 30 days my bill will be higher than I want it to be.  No Steve, it actually isn't cheaper for me to purchase your plan instead of going to games because MY GAME TICKETS ARE FREE!

Like I said, it's a tough economy out there and everybody's got to make a living, but you piss people off when they are trying in the most polite voice possible to tell you that they aren't buying what you're selling.  Hey Steve, how 'bout this?  Quickly end the call with someone who obviously isn't going to budge and make another call!  Maybe that one will pan out for you...calling my house certainly will not!

*Steve is my generic go-to name for when I haven't been given the real name.  That, or I just don't care what your real name is.


Inkster said…
my husband's name is steve!!! LOL good ol generic white boy name but hes anything but :)
I'm excited to read ur blog i'm gonna follow you

(its kris!!)

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