Big Brother 19 - Episodes 3-5: I need a window...

...because anything you know about this game needs to be thrown right out of it!  Let me apologize for the condensed recap.  I was out of town and had to basically binge all of the episodes.

So Megan gets nominated and attacked AGAIN because she gossiped about something she mis-heard.  I agree with Jessica that Alex is reminiscent of Paola from BB16 and she has been referring to her as Pow-Pow.  I truly believe that Megan heard her say Panda (although for the life of me I can't figure out how) but she really needed to keep her mouth shut. When Alex blew up and confronted her, I wonder if it came out that she said Pow-Pow and not Panda.  It didn't really seem like it, because that seems like a pretty easy thing to apologize for on Megan's end.  At any rate, Megan couldn't handle the heat so she got the hell out of the BB kitchen.

[Side Rant] THIS is the chick y'all chose from Phoenix?!?  I'M RIGHT HERE!!!  I would've been a much better least I would've stuck around!  Well, to be fair I wouldn't have gotten myself in that stupid-assed situation in the first place, so there's that. [/side rant]

So yeah, she leaves and Cody has to pick a replacement nominee so he decides to choose Alex to appease his teammates, even though he really doesn't want to.  Cody doesn't seem like the type to do something he doesn't want, but Alex did say he and his crew would be a likely target.

They play for the POV and Cody basically throws it to Alex.  He never wanted to put her up in the first place, so of course this throws his group into a spiral.  They don't understand his motives.  I personally don't understand the way he threw the comp.  They had to stack starfish and the person with the most stacked when their water time ran out won.  It was kind of difficult to get them to stay stacked and he could'v very easily pretended to put forth the effort and keep up appearances, but he just knocked most of his over and let the time run out.  That was a serious red flag to his group, but none of them knew what his ultimate plan was...which was to back door Paul.

Alex of course saves herself and Cody tries to nominate Paul.  The Pendant of Protection shows up on the screen and Paul announces that he's actually safe for the next three weeks, so Cody can kiss ALL of his ass.  What does Cody do?  Nominate Christmas.  WTF dude?  Clearly he wants to get rid of a strong competitor and since the one he hates is no longer available, he goes for the next best thing?  Needless to say EVERYONE is pissed.  I would be too.  He could've at least told Jessica his plan.  She's supposed to be his ride-or-die and she was just as confused as everyone else!

Now Jillian assumes the house will be split and Cody will have to make the final decision, but the votes don't fall the way she and Cody think and Jillian is out the door!  Christmas manages to tear ligaments in her foot and STILL survives the block.  I'm wondering if anyone is thinking she will be less of a competitive threat with her injury.  She seems tough as nails and I wouldn't let something like a screwed up foot be a reason to count her out.  I probably missed a lot, but this is what stuck in my head over those three episodes.  I will do a better recap of Sunday's episode later this evening!  Can't wait to discuss the shit hitting that particular fan!


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