Big Brother 19 - Episode 16: ...Hexed and Confused

Needless to say, the vote didn't go the way Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena.  Ramses seemed to expect it, which also isn't surprising.  It's sad to see, but that's how this game is played...for better or worse.

Jessica and Paul are arguing regarding her secret power, and Josh is starting shit with Mark and Elena.  "Are you not happy that I'm still here?  I thought we were friends".  Josh, shut the hell up already.  Apparently 10 hours before the eviction that he KNEW was going to go in his favor, he's tormenting Mark saying that they need "bonding time because it's his last day."  He's banging pots around, singing an obnoxious circus song and telling Mark that he's going to put him through Big Brother hell.  I really don't get that at all, other than the fact that Josh is a dumb-ass who wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Jessica is trying to force Paul's hand by telling him that she can keep herself and Cody safe for a few weeks, but Paul's not an idiot.  He wants to put Jessica and Cody up to force her hand and reveal her power or call her bluff.  When the power isn't revealed during noms, everyone's going to be confused as hell.  She even goes so far as to give him minor details regarding the power, trying to get Paul to confide in her what his game plan is.  Girl, HE DON'T TRUST YOU!!  Before nominations, Jessica asks Paul if there are any details about her power and he declines.  Jessica is trying to play a mind game, and I don't think it's working.  Clearly, she wants to tell him about her power, hoping that it will force him to put someone else up.  Paul is in no ways interested.  His main plan is to put up Jessica and Cody.  If their power is revealed, he wants to put up Mark and Elena.  Paul discusses the bluff with Jason and Kevin, and Kevin acts as if he has no clue about the temptation or what it means.  He is sliding under the radar, playing both sides of the house, and completely getting away with it.

In another seemingly ridiculous move, Cody tells Paul that Mark has always wanted to keep Paul safe...which only puts Mark higher up on the radar.  Cody was truly trying to save Mark, but he did the exact opposite.  Paul already didn't trust Mark.  Now Cody has Mark's name coming out of his mouth?  Yeah, not a good look.  Paul has a convo with Elena regarding her positioning in the house.  Paul "suggests" that Elena distance herself from Mark, and she takes that ball and RUNS with it.  Honestly, it was hilarious the way she caught an attitude with Mark and started to give him the brush-off.

The Temptation Competiton is revealed to the house, and Mark, Alex, Jason, and Matt decide to compete.  Cody wanted to compete, but Jessica told him not to.  She feels that the rest of the house has to feel confident that they are safe and playing in a safety comp undermines that completely.  She's absolutely correct, and Cody doesn't agree.  At the beginning of the episode, Cody says that Jessica's intuition regarding this game is spot on and she knows more than he ever could, yet he disagrees with her about most game-related moves.  He's gonna fuck up her game at some point if he doesn't follow her lead...mark my words.

 Matt, Jason, and Alex play as a part of strategy, but Mark is feeling the pressure after the Thursday vote, and he doesn't feel safe.  The game of choice is Bowlerina, where tutus and leotards reign supreme.  The HG has to spin for 15 rotations to lower a barrier on an uphill bowling lane for 15 seconds.  After spinning, the HG has to throw bowling balls up the lane to try and knock down 4 pins. If the barrier goes up before you knock down all four pins, you have to go back and spin for 15 more rotations.  The person to knock down all four of their pins and hit the buzzer the fastest wins safety for the week.  The person to come in last is the 3rd nominee.

Side note: My husband pointed out that Mark bears a close resemblance (both physically and mentally) to Johnny Bravo.  I'm sorry, but that's funny as hell.

I thought Jason, being the rodeo clown, would be able to function under dizzy conditions.  I thought wrong.  He was walking sideways and all over the place.  He took over 3 minutes.  Alex went next and beat Jason's time, putting her in the safety seat.  Mark was third and had a different strategy than the rest.  He decided to spin more slowly than the rest, thinking that if he weren't as dizzy, he would have better aim.  He was correct.  Mark crushed the competition and took the top spot.  Matt went last but was slower than Mark by over a minute.  Mark won safety and Jason is the 3rd nominee.  Mark winning the comp throws a wrench in Paul's plan to put him and Elena up if Jessica and Cody can't be nominated.

Paul nominates Cody and Jessica, and nothing happens. There's no fanfare over the speaker system, and Jess doesn't make any announcement.  I knew the house would be confused when nothing happened at the nomination ceremony.  With both of them on the block, even if one of them wins Veto the Hex will still have to be used to save the other.  It's definitely not how Jessica and Cody want the week to go, but we'll have to see what happens on Veto night.

Do you think this will be a waste of an HoH for Paul, or is making Team Jody use their power immediately worth it?  I'd love to know your thoughts!


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