Big Brother 19 - Episode 13: It Isn't Even Unexpected Anymore...

Aaaaand it's pretty much how I thought it was gonna go down.

Jess identifies her main targets to Cody: Alex, Paul, Christmas, and Josh.  She also clues him in on the Halting Hex, which guarantees at least one of them safety should the need arise.

In the HoH Comp, the HGs have to stand at a distance and hold a red disc up on a stop light.  The disc is supported by a flimsy tube.  If their disc falls, they are out of the comp, but can punish someone still in the comp to help break their concentration.  The last person standing is HoH.  Christmas is super excited because it's the first comp she can actually compete in.

The house is pretty confident, with the odds being 10-2 in favor of getting Cody back out of the house.  Kevin falls after a whopping 17 seconds.  Mark is out after 25 seconds, and Paul is out after 56.  Not as easy as it looks, huh fellas?

Of course, Cody absorbs all of the punishments.  He gets smelly trash dumped on him, there's a screaming "road rage" guy yelling and the MARINE.  That was a complete waste of a punishment right there.  He also gets a concrete-type substance poured all over his back.  He doesn't even flinch.

Jason falls after 2 minutes and decides to punish Jess since they don't seem to be phasing Cody at all.  She has someone spray painting graffiti on her back. I will give it to the couple, they're definitely committed.

Elena's down after 4 minutes.  Cody gets squirted with ketchup and mustard.

Side note: Everyone keeps saying "sorry Cody" and "love ya buddy" before they give Cody a punishment.  Really?  Is that even necessary?  Everyone knows the score, man.  Just do what you're gonna do.

Matt falls after 5 minutes, Raven falls in 17 and Josh falls in 38.  This has Cody getting more trash and getting yelled at again.  Josh punishes Jess with tar.

Of course, this is Josh's opportunity to yell and heckle Cody, thinking that's gonna rattle him.  Man, Cody don't give a FUCK about you, dude!  Just stop it already.  You're making an idiot out of yourself and fast-tracking your trip to the block.  Of course, neither Cody nor Jess are phased by this.

Jess and Cody tell Christmas that she is not their target for the week, in hopes that she'll drop.  It doesn't work because even though Christmas would be safe, she still wants them out of the house.  Cody drops at 1 hour 24 minutes and gives Ramses graffiti.  Ramses drops in 1:49 and gives Jess the ketchup/mustard treatment.  It's between Christmas and Jessica.  They're both extremely focused, but Christmas is in a lot of pain. She drops at 2 hours 52 minutes, and Jess is the new HoH.  When your back is against the wall, anything can be possible in this game.

Josh wants to ask Jess to put up a bigger target than he. She doesn't really want to talk to him, so Cody tells him "she doesn't have time for you".  He also tells Josh that neither one of them wants to talk to him, so Josh goes away.  There's not much he can do at this point...his grave is ready and waiting for him.

The old crew, Mark and Elena and Matt and Raven, are trying to mend fences.  No one trusts anyone else in this house, but they're all going to play nice.  Even Cody and Paul have a talk, with Cody basically saying they both took their shots and it's a clean slate now.  They even threw around possibly secretly working together.  Neither trusts the other, so that's not happening.  Paul is also a back door option since he is no longer covered under the Pendant of Protection.

Side Note: I'm just worried that someone's gonna get an infection from all of the random ass-kissing going on in the house.

Jess nominates Ramses and Josh.  She indicates that Ramses is merely a pawn and she really wants Josh out of the house.  If noms stay the same, Josh is going home...provided Ramses doesn't get hyper-paranoid and do something to screw up his game.  If someone wins PoV and someone comes down...Paul will go up. It'll be a hell of a way to go, too.


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