Big Brother 19 - Episode 8: Gone...but not "gone" gone?

Shit!  Of course there's going to be a Battle Back challenge, I just wasn't expecting it to be this early on.  Usually they let the first few HGs just go back to their lives and start with later-evicted HGs.  I should've known something was up when they weren't doing messages from the HGs to the evictee.

I'm getting 'bout tired of Josh and his mouth.  His emotions are all over the place and he needs to get it together.  Is he going to have extremes like this all summer?  Well, I mean...for as long as he lasts.  I don't see it being long.

Cody sure is eating a huge slice of humble pie.  Now all of a sudden Paul is his equal and they're the only Alphas in the group?  I mean, at least he knows when he's been defeated.  He says he's trying to save Jess' game by stirring the pot in the house...why he chose to tell Christmas that Mark and Dominique were the people always knowing what he was up to, I'll never know.

Speaking of saving Jess' game, now she's trying to mend fences with Christmas.  I'm just happy as hell Christmas can see through it.  Even while Jess is giving this "heartfelt apology" she's still got her defenses up.  Christmas, all I can say is "forgive, but never forget".  Hey, she said it too!  Nice.

Christmas needing surgery on her foot is also a Big Brother first.  I'm glad she's deciding to tough it out and recover in the house.  Hopefully this won't sideline her too much and she'll be aligned with people that can keep her safe until she's back on her feet.  HA!  Punny.

Apparently Dominique hosts a weekly "talk show" with the HGs every week and this week she was interviewing nominees.  Everything was pretty calm until Cody got up there with his shit-stirring again.  Mark getting extra defensive at what Cody was saying didn't help his game any.  He had no idea what Cody was up to, but don't put a target on your own back by feeding into his crap.

Side note: Some of the shots they get of Cody's face when he is clearly listening to something/someone that he has no interest in are CRAZY.  He's got this glassy, psycho look to him.  Maybe it worked in the military?  It's not working for me over here, that's for sure.

Another side note: I still don't like Kevin.

The votes are in.  Alex didn't get any (no real shocker, I guess) but Christmas voted for Ramses?!?!  What the holy HELL???  The only thing I can think is that she's trying to keep her enemies closer and by voting for Ramses, she can tell Jess that she didn't vote to evict Cody and possibly work with her?  Or at least tell her she will work with her.  She had to know Ramses wasn't going anywhere and her vote wouldn't have mattered.

So whomever gets kicked out next week will have a chance with Cody, Jillian and Cameron to battle back into the house.  Julie made a comment regarding the fact that the house can stop the person from coming back into the game though.  Is that what the Halting Hex is about?  I don't know, but it'll definitely be interesting.  Hell, this whole season has already been a roller coaster ride and it's what...week three?  I'm about to watch tonight's episode and find out who won HoH and all that good stuff.  It's an endurance comp where they have to stand on a tiny platform that tilts, slants and throws "the elements" (wind & water mainly) at them. Talk to you soon!


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