Big Brother 19 - Episode 12: Battle Back

This season's Battle Back is a little different.  The winner of the comps has to battle someone from inside the house to win their spot back.  This is gonna be short and sweet, y'all.

Cameron, Jillian, Dominique, and Cody have to battle it out in two competitions.  The first one is a huge labyrinth-type maze on a pulley system.  You have to avoid the holes in the maze and get your ball to the end.  If your ball drops through a hole, you have to start over.  The first two HGs to accomplish this go head to head in another comp where they have to use a large slingshot to shoot the panels out of a billboard.  The winner of that comp gets to choose which of these two comps, with slight variations, will be the final test.

Cody takes a slow and steady approach to the labyrinth and pretty much has it in the bag. I don't think he had to start over once.  Cameron comes in second, knocking Dominique and Jillian out of the running.  In the second comp, Cameron takes the lead early, but once Cody figures out exactly what he needs to do with his slingshot, it's game over.  Cody won't know against whom he is competing, but he gets to pick the final comp. Cody can choose the maze, which will be different from the first one he completed, or he can choose the billboards, which will be spinning.  He chose the maze.

The HGs have been notified that the competitors have been battling it out in the backyard this whole time and they have to choose someone to go up against the winner.  Everyone chooses Paul because he's a vet.  I thought they would choose Alex since she's been doing so well.

They go out to the backyard and discover Cody is the person trying to get back into the house.  Jessica is the only one thrilled about this.  They play the maze game, and Cody's experience with the maze proves to be worthwhile.  He beats Paul and gets back in the house. Jessica runs up to him for a celebration and quickly tells him not to do ANYTHING until she can fill him in on everyone in the house.  The last thing she needs is for him to destroy the inroads she has been creating since he left.

I don't like it.  Mainly because I don't like Cody.  Tonight we find out who wins HoH and if the power in the house shifts.  I just don't want Paul gone, he's no longer protected by the Pendant, and if Cody wins HoH, there's no telling what the hell he would do.


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