Big Brother 19 - Episode 14: Never Count Your Chickens...

Last night was…wow.  Where to begin?

Paul talks with the others in the house and convinces them that Josh in the house is better for their game because he will always be gunning for Jessica and Cody.  As long as he is a threat to them, they will be gunning for him and vice-versa.  He makes a very valid point.  Unfortunately, Ramses is the sacrificial lamb in this case, proving that sometimes “pawns can go home.”  Paul just tells Josh to lay low and to play for Veto.

Meanwhile, Jessica asks Paul if she can be looking for any surprises with the votes come Thursday.  Being the vet that he is, he tells Jess that if it were him, he wouldn’t be asking those questions this early on because Veto still has to be played.  If Josh were to win somehow and pull himself off, she would have to not only scramble to come up with another nominee but then have to campaign again for the votes to get Josh out.  Of course, Jess sees this as “unsolicited advice” and wants no part of it, but Paul is 100% correct.  While it was unsolicited, she did open up the conversation.  She can’t control how it goes.  Well, if she were a better game player she could, but I digress…

The Veto Comp is the famous memory challenge, where you have to memorize a list of ingredients that flashes on the screen, then answer a question involving the list.  If you choose the wrong answer, the comp literally explodes in your face.  This season it had a smoothie shop theme.  Christmas gets picked to play (YAY!  A comp she can participate in), as well as Cody via Jessica’s HG Choice, and Jason.

Christmas wastes the opportunity to compete, and she eliminates herself round one.  Tough break (no pun intended) but she wasn’t on her game.  Ramses, Jason, and Josh all go out on the second question, just leaving Cody and Jessica. Well shit.  Cody throws the comp to his girlfriend, so she won’t have to mess up her hair (true love) and Jessica holds all of the power this week.

Jessica asks Raven if she thinks everyone is still on board to evict Josh this week.  Raven gives her this half-assed answer of “I mean, yeah I think so…but I can’t speak for everyone” along with the weirdest facial expressions.  I mean, I seriously thought she was high.  Of course, that throws up a red flag to Jessica, and she starts to feel paranoid.  Ramses talks to her too, basically saying if the house were to flip on her and get rid of him, she and Cody would be the two main targets going forward.  Those two conversations combined made her talk to Cody to get his take on it, recommending she pull Ramses off and put Alex up to ensure Josh goes home.

What does her fearless boyfriend say?  “Don’t rock the boat.  Leave the noms the same.  Let’s ride it out”.  Wait…WHAT??  I mean I understand Cody wanting to tread lightly considering the shit-show his first go-round in this game was, but Jessica is making VERY valid points!  He came back into this game saying “I’m playing your game this time” and “whatever move you tell me to make, I’m gonna fucking make it.”  Granted as viewers of the show, we get to see all aspects of the game, but he should’ve backed her play.  It may have created more friction in the house, but it would guarantee her target gets out, and also leave room to possibly manipulate the other two couples (Marlena and Maven) to get them back into the voting fold.

Jessica decides to “trust the house” (read: trust in her man) and leave her noms the same.  The plan is to blindside Team Jody and get Ramses out of the house.  I still think this plan can go awry.  If it were me, I would’ve left Josh in the dark and let him campaign and/or mope all week.  He is a loose cannon with a very short fuse.  All it takes is one misstep, and he’ll be running his mouth about how he’s got the votes, and they’re gonna flip the house, and Cody and Jessica will be so sorry they came for him, etc.  If he has a similar blow-up like he’s had in the past, that could be enough to stop the plan, vote him out and Team Friendship could lose momentum.  I’ll give it to Josh; he gave a convincing Veto Meeting speech, so maybe he can keep the charade up.  It’s going to take a lot of work on his part, and I hope he has it in him.  What do you think?  Should Paul have told Josh he was safe?  Is keeping him in the house best for everyone BUT Team Jody?  Let me know what you think!  I’m always down for good BB banter.


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