Big Brother 19 - Episode 11: Drama - I Put that Sh!t on Everything!

I was about to get all kinds of violent in my house.  For whatever reason, BB didn't record last night!  Thank heavens for CBS On Demand...shout out to Cox!!

First off, let me say Julie's causal look tonight is hot!  I don't think she's ever "dressed down" for a live show, but it's been a lotta years so I'm sure I could be mistaken.  Now, down to business...

Remember my side note in the last post regarding it being refreshing not hearing from Josh?  Well, they made up for that shit in SPADES last night.  Pool is always a way for people to wind down in the house and either secretly talk game or not talk game at all and just have fun.  Apparently, Josh and Mark had a bet and the loser of the game would have to drink pickle juice and hot sauce.  Doesn't sound appetizing to me, but neither does a Pickleback but that's a thing too.  First off, Josh is one of those players who makes a noise or a cough or a scream or WHATEVER he can in order to distract you from your shot.  Asshole.  Anyway, Josh scratches on the 8-ball by double-tapping the cue ball when he took his shot.  Everyone watching saw it and BB even confirmed it with a replay shot for the home crowd.  Mark calls him out, Josh vehemently denies it and insists that Mark is a sore loser and needs to fulfill the bet "like a man".  Josh is HUGE on people "acting like a man", yet I have yet to see him take his own advice.  Interesting...

Mark wants Josh to admit that he cheated and when he won't, he throws the drink in Josh's face.  OK, that's a dick move, even if Josh is acting like a damn child.  Oh wait, speaking of acting like a damn child, Josh goes into the house and gets ketchup and mayo to douse Mark with.  Now they're yelling back and forth at each other about disrespect and keeping your word.  Of course, Josh wants to bring game into it.  He tells Mark that he "isn't going to talk about the times that he broke his word to people in this house because he's a MAN and he's not gonna do that".  OMG did he go to the Dominique school of tiptoeing around a conversation?!?!?  Now Josh wants to air dirty laundry by saying that Mark was plotting against Paul and Christmas to get them out of the house.  He starts off the conversation by telling Mark he has lost all love and respect to him, only to say in the VERY NEXT BREATH that he has a lot of love and respect for him.  Boy, BYE.  You are acting like a petulant child (OMG I want to just say you are acting like #45, but I digress...) and don't even know what the hell you're talking about.  He is quite literally regurgitating the information that Cody left behind before he got evicted.  This isn't new information and it just makes Josh look like even more of an idiot.  Is that even possible?

Jessica is given the Halting Hex and can stop an eviction for the next four live evictions.  If she invokes it before voting begins, it stops the eviction in its tracks and there will be no one leaving the house.  I figure they can afford this since Megan left the house prematurely.  Plus with someone coming back into the house via the Battle Back, they can still do the requisite number of Double Eviction for the summer.

She felt safe enough this week to not use it and Dominique was unanimously evicted.  There's a special Battle Back Showdown episode on tonight...right now actually, so let me wrap this ep up so I can get to the next one!  HoH will play out Sunday.  What kind of comps to they have in store that are going to take a full hour??


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