Big Brother 19 - Episode 6: HoH Crush

Well...that just happened.  Kevin lied and flipped his vote.  Mark was a man about it and told Cody he voted for Christmas.  It also sounds like Mark tried to warn him that they didn't have the votes to get her out.  So Cody says "it's fine" and "he understands", but when Josh tries to talk to him, Cody blows the fuck UP at him.  He's a person Cody hasn't liked from day one, so that's just another person for him to take his frustration out on.  Josh has done some punk-shit in this house, but he honesty tried to talk to Cody like a man.  Does Cody have some sort of borderline personality disorder, or is he just a bully?

THEN, Jessica says he sounds like a little girl.  YOU ARE A WOMAN for God's sake!!!  You couldn't say he sounded like a little boy?  Take several fucking seats.

Cody also thinks Ramses went against his word, which he didn't.  Kevin is lying to Cody's face about his vote and Cody trusts him 100%.  Cody says he could tell by Kevin's face... I guess that intelligence analyst training isn't foolproof.  I guess he has no reason not to believe him, it's just frustrating to watch.

HoH is Candy Crush themed because of the Candy Crush game show coming on right after.  I admit, I watched it, but I digress.  The HGs have to collect silver tickets by going through mounds of "candy" in exchange for balls.  The balls have to be rolled down one of three ramps and gotten into a hole in the middle.  Tickets can be gotten by anyone, but they can turn around and give those tickets to anyone they choose.  Just about everyone is giving their tickets to Paul so he can perfect a shot and win HoH.  Man, Cody and Jessica royally screwed themselves and honestly,  think it's fun to watch.  He dug his own grave way too early and he deserves to get taken out.

Cody is giving anyone who will listen advice on how to get the ball in the hole and no one seems to be listening, not even Jess.  Paul won HoH, Cody is livid and Jess is near tears.  *snicker*

Paul is clear that Operation Get Cody Out of Here is in full effect.  He's also keeping everyone in his inner circle in the loop, which is a good idea given how early it is.  Cody pissed everyone off, so it's no secret that Paul's coming for him in a back door situation.

Paul gets the go-ahead to show off his HoH room and Jess goes into the Diary Room to avoid it.  It's funny because in past years I've talked shit about people who clearly don't want to see the HoH room and go up anyway.  She decides to take a pass and she's coming off like a punk, but I think that's because Cody decided to go upstairs with everyone else.

Paul wants to put up two pawns in order to back door Cody.  The only problem is that he wants to put up two of his own people, namely Matt and Raven.  Dominique and Mark are right in saying that they keep their numbers strong and guarantee votes.  You can't put up weak competitors though because you never know who might get picked to play in the PoV.  If someone wins and doesn't use it, that blows the plan right out of the water.

In the Den of Temptation, Christmas is the lucky recipient this week and she accepts the Ring of Replacement.  She can choose to replace someone in any one Veto competition this summer if she is not chosen to play.  She gets to personally choose three people to be VeToads.  I'm really hoping that means they can't be chosen to play in the VC  She selects Jason, Cody and Jessica for the curse.  If it takes effect this week, that would be IDEAL, but I doubt the stars will not align that perfectly.

Meanwhile, Ramses still has three weeks to put himself up for nomination before the noms are announced because of his curse.  He thinks that Cody and Jessica are going up on the block (showmances have traditionally been pitted against each other on the block to try and guarantee one of them going home, so it makes sense that he would think that) so it might be his best shot at being considered less of a threat.  At the nomination ceremony Ramses decides to reveal his curse and nominate himself.  He also states that if he wins the PoV he can save himself and a replacement nominee will not be named. Paul ultimately convinces Alex to go up as a pawn (strong competitor) and Josh, just because he thinks he can get under Cody's skin during the PoV if he is selected to play. Paul's nomination speech reasons were funny and kind of frivolous, but I guess he didn't want to pull a Cody and talk shit during the noms. Ramses was not expecting these noms and now he's kind of freaking out.

Paul is stressed about the twist, but i feel this is a fairy easy situation to remedy. All Paul has to do is to tell Ramses the ultimate plan and ask him to throw the competition.  I see this conversation happening in Wednesday's episode.  I also see him going along with that plan.  Even if the veto doesn't get used, Alex or Josh are a bigger target than he is.  I'm going on record and saying that Ramses is safe. Hopefully this week's Den curse will be revealed as well.


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