Big Brother 19 - Episode 15: The Blind Side...It's Not Just a Football Movie


Mark seems to think that everything is all good with him and Cody and that they now have a blank slate.  Is he really that naive?  Cody doesn't completely trust him, and he's quickly losing trust with Paul, Matt, and Raven.  It's almost like he's turned into a big, floating teddy bear.

FUCKING KEVIN.  Here we go.  Why did he tell Jessica about the blind side?  I have to admit, Kevin is playing both sides of the house, and he's getting away with it because no one suspects him of anything!  I think it's because when he's asked to do something, he does it, but he does it for both sides of the house.  He also lies about his moves (votes, mainly) so he's not getting caught.  There's too much in-fighting amongst the other factions for anyone to be worried about little old him.  I still don't like him.  Jessica tells him about the Halting Hex temptation, and he promises his lips are sealed.

Jessica and Cody go around the house trying to secure the votes for Josh's eviction.  Everyone is telling them exactly what they want to hear.  Mark and Elena are kept out of the loop regarding the plan because they are now seen as being back with Cody and Jessica.  They definitely would've told them if they knew about it.

In episode 14, Cody says if the votes don't look like they're going to fall their way, they could just use the Hex.  I never saw that as a viable option, because the Hex stops everyone from leaving the house.  Yes, it would keep Ramses, but it would keep Josh as well.  That's a huge power to use on a floater that doesn't mean anything to your game and your goal of getting Josh out still isn't accomplished.

The vote proceeds and Ramses is voted out of the house.  It's sad and all because he seems like a good guy, but when you don't play hard, you can end up going home.  I'm trying to remember the last time a pawn went home...I think it's been a few seasons.  I'll have to see if I can research that.

The HoH Comp is based on magazine covers of the evicted HGs with tattoos all over their body.  It's a classic memory game.  Paul bests everyone and wins HoH, which I was thrilled to see.  After Julie addresses the HGs again in the living room, Jessica lets it fly that she's glad America gave her the final temptation and she can keep herself and Cody safe for a few weeks.  WOW.  Did NOT see that coming.  It was done out of anger I'm sure, but it doesn't make sense to me for her to say anything.  Granted, only Kevin knows the specifics of the Hex, but I'm sure he'll run his mouth to someone if Team Jody isn't giving up the details.  Why let people know you have anything?  It's only good for a limited time, so let them put you up, shock the hell out of everyone and just let it be.  They probably won't get put up at all now.  With this new information, I can see Paul putting up Mark and Elena, possibly forcing Jessica to use the Hex to keep the only allies she has.

The final consequence to that temptation was revealed as well.  It's called the Temptation Competition.  Before nominations, HGs can choose whether or not they want to compete.  If you win the comp, you are guaranteed safety for the week.  The HG to come in last goes up as an automatic third nominee. I'm very curious to see how the house handles this new twist.  Christmas still has her Ring of Replacement too, and I don't think it's run out yet.  I don't remember if it had a time limit on it as the other temptations did.

What was even better was when we "eavesdropped on the house" at the end of the show.  Paul was telling Cody and Jessica that the move to evict Ramses was not a backhanded move towards them.  Paul said that Ramses already had the $25k from week one and he had no loyalty to anyone in the house.  Ramses didn't get the $25k, Kevin did.  I wonder if Paul really thinks that, or if it's a strategy.  Now that Ramses isn't there to defend himself, Paul could say that Ramses took the money, knowing full well that he really doesn't know who did, but also knowing that if the person who did take the money is still in the house, they won't own up to it.

I am digging this season so far.  I think it's one of the more exciting ones that we've had in a while.  What do you think?  Who's making the best moves?  Who's making the worst? How would you handle things?  I'd love to know!


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