Big Brother 19 - Episode 7: Can We Just Stick With the Plan, Please?

I don't even really know what to say about this episode.  Cody knew he was in a back door situation and said he could "see right through the plan".  Man, Stevie AND Ray could see the plan!  He's fooling no one if he thinks that it was going to be a surprise to anyone.

Cody and Jess realize that Ramses needs to win PoV and take himself off of the block in order to stay safe, but there was literally no point in talking to him about it.  They are both persona non grata and they have no chips to bargain with.  Asking Ramses to gun for PoV would just be asking for a favor when they have nothing worthwhile to offer in return.

As expected, Paul spoke to Ramses and informed him of the official plan to back door Cody, asking him to throw the Veto comp so that a replacement nominee could be made.  Ramses was back and forth about it in the DR, but he had to know that if he played outright for PoV and won, he would move his target status to the top of the list. I knew when it ultimately came down to it he would go along with the group.  I just didn't realize how much he would suck at trying to throw a comp.

The Den of Temptation reopens so the cursed can go and receive their punishment.  I was hoping that they wouldn't get to participate in PoV, but like I said the other day there's no way the stars were going to align that perfectly.  It was an embarrassment curse.  Give me a damn break. Jason, Cody and Jessica had to dress in toad costumes, hop everywhere they went and when they weren't sleeping, they had to be perched on lily pads placed throughout the house. I guess the game can't be all serious, but seriously I did not care about this one at all.  As soon as the cursed names were announced, Jess figured it was Christmas that got the temptation, but nothing more was said about it.

Side note: Kevin is having a conversation with Paul and someone else I can't remember in the HoH room and they're talking about how Paul used to do magic and it was cool until everyone else started doing it too.  Kevin actually used the term 'lit' correctly, but then followed it up with 'unlit'.  I just can't with this dude.  I don't know if he's trying to channel his children or what, but he really needs to stop.  He also said that "Paul has got more necklaces than 2 Chainz".  I mean, he's trying...seriously stop though.

Players for the PoV are drawn and because Rames is extra, only two names are drawn.  The only thing that matters is that those two names were neither Cody nor Jess!  *insert happy dance here*  Matt and Elena were chosen.  The competition was cute.  They had to travel around the world and answer questions at each terminal based on their surroundings.  If they got the question right, they got to go right to the next destination.  If they were wrong, they were delayed and had to complete a challenge before moving on.  The person who completed the challenge the fastest won the PoV.

I believe the slowest person was Elena with over 22 minutes.  Paul won the veto in a little over 4 minutes, but Ramses was hot on his tail at 7:44.  He says he purposefully tried to throw the comp.  I don't know if I truly believe that.  He could've moved a lot slower with the challenges.  Maybe because he got the majority of the questions wrong and had to participate in the delays, he thought he was doing something?  All I know now is that Paul doesn't completely trust him and that's not really a good spot to be in.

There was a delay where they were in the airport "gift shop" and had to place tags on three items to total $19.00 in order to move on. I thought it was funny that Alex said "I hate math, I'm not one of those Asians!"  Does laughing at that make me racist?

During the PoV ceremony, Josh goes the hell off on Cody and Jess and calls them losers and says he can't wait for Cody to walk out of the door.  He also tells Jess it might be a good idea to stop talking so much crap and make some friends since her only ally is leaving.  Of course that's sound advice, but no way is she going to take it from him at this moment.  She's too pissed.  Cody also told Josh to "change his diaper".  OMG just give it up already.  You're butt-hurt that your game got blown up week one and you're scrambling.  It's not cute.

Paul uses the Veto on Josh and puts Cody up.  He tells Cody that while he knows Cody wanted to battle it out with him, he's more of a checkmate person and asked him to take a seat.  Cody actually touched his fist to his chest and said "Respect" to Paul. WTH??  Is he serious right now?  I honesty don't know if that was a real sentiment or not.  He's spoken nothing but venom about how he hates Paul, hates his game play both this season AND last, and how he's a coward for back dooring him instead of letting him fight for it.  I'll say it again - borderline personality disorder.

I see Cody walking out of the door tonight.  There really shouldn't be anything to save him, but Expect the Unexpected is the motto of the show, so who the hell knows. My official prediction is that he'll be gone though.  We only have to wait a few more hours to know for sure!


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