Big Brother 19 - Episode 10: Let the Hunger Games Begin!

Of course Dominique is pissed about her nomination and thinks that Elena and Paul are directly involved.  Mark is visibly upset regarding her nom.  I didn't think he'd be the type of guy to wear his emotions on his sleeve like that.  Just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover I guess.

Dom is in the bathroom praying for guidance.  Seriously, is she praying in English or in Tongues?  I seriously can't tell...and I've heard both before.  She says that after her prayers, she clearly heard the word "Paul" in her ear three times...and indication to her that God is telling her that Paul is the snake.  I mean. maybe I shouldn't knock Divine Intervention after all.

Dom confronts Paul (in her round-about assed way) and he basically says if you got something to say, just say it.  He denies having anything to do with her nom, just as she should.  She's not buying it of course, nor should she.  Her intuition is spot on in this case.

The players for the PoV are chosen. Along with Alex pulls Kevin, Dominique pulls Christmas and Jessica gets HouseGuest's Choice and picks Jason.  After their conversations over the past couple of days, she feels that he's her best bet to pull her off of the block if he wins.  That's definitely what he wants to do at this point, replacing her with Raven, but that's not Alex's goal.  She feels if the noms stay the same, they can flip the house and get Dominique out.  Putting up Raven completely blows up Alex's game because it destroys the secret alliance she has going with Paul as well as the rest of the house.  If Jessica stays on the block and the house chooses not to evict her, that's not her fault.  If she takes that choice away from them, it makes her look super sketchy.

The Veto Comp is called the Temple of Temptation.  Each player has a suspended beam they have to balance across to hit a button.  They have to walk back, walk around a statue and repeat the process.  The first person to do this 50 times wins PoV.  If you fall off of your beam and into the lava pit, your number resets to zero and you have to start over.  "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!" Sorry, I couldn't help it. There is also a chalice that a player can pick up to claim a cash prize.  If they do so, they are out of the comp and cannot win the PoV.  Christmas has not medically been cleared to play in the comp, so she's dressed for it, but has to sit out.  She probably won't even get to use her Ring of Replacement this season.

Kevin is having an extremely difficult time navigating this beam.  Everyone else seems at least to be able to cross back and forth across the beam, albeit slowly. Kevin finally admits defeat and goes for the chalice.  He wins a whopping $27!  HA!  That does bring his grand total to $25,027.  I guess every little bit helps!

The score is Jason 22, Dominique 14, Alex 19 and Jessica 12.  Dominique falls off of her beam, but manages to hang on for dear life, shimmy to the middle and right herself so she never touches the lava.  I gotta admit, way to hustle!  Not long after the same thing happens to Jess and she can't manage to save herself.  Back to zero she goes.  Right after Dominique's miraculous save, she flubs it on the first step out and falls in the pit, losing all of her points.  That's a pretty crushing blow.

It's essentially between Jason and Alex.  Both want control, but Jason narrowly beats Alex for the win.  Alex has proven that she is a serious comp beast.  She'd better watch her back.

Paul has come up with a grand plan and wants Jess pulled up with Mark up as a pawn in her place.  He tells Alex the plan and she agrees, as long as they can get the numbers.  Paul then goes downstairs and tells Jason that Alex just told him her plan and he should go ask her about it, which he does.  Paul then goes back upstairs and skews his wording to make it sound like he's not the one that came up with the plan!  He wants Mark to be in on it or he says it won't work.  They call Mark up to the HoH room to fill him in.  While he says he won't campaign for or against Dominique, he will not vote her out. If they aren't good with that, they need to put him up.

Since Jason has PoV, Dominique wants to speak to him in private.  She keeps going on about how there's a snake in the house and that he needs to watch his back.  She can't "name names" or even say if she thinks the snake is a man or a woman.  SURE YOU CAN, you're just coming off cryptic as hell and making yourself look like an idiot.  If you're gonna spill, just do it already.  All of this secrecy isn't even worth it.

Dominique takes it even further and calls out Paul to Alex.  Alex immediately goes back into the HoH room and reveals that Dom thinks that Paul is the snake.  Paul gets pissed and goes downstairs to call her out.  I mean, he's totally guilty of all of it, but he's gotta keep up appearances, right?  Dom doesn't outright call him a snake, but says he has "snake tendencies".  Bitch, just go all in or don't.  You suspect him, you're on the what you gotta do!  All this tiptoe crap doesn't help you, especially if you manage to stay in the house.

After the HoH blowup, Mark knows there's no way he can campaign for Dom and save his game.  He told the group he wouldn't vote for her, but I don't know that I necessarily believe him.  Paul doesn't either.

Side Note: At one point Mark says that Dom is the only person he trusts in the house.  Does this mean that the Marlena showmance is on the outs?  I wonder if he suspects her of not trying to keep him safe in her deal with Alex?  That just seemed like a really weird thing to say.

Jason decides not to use the PoV, even after Dominique's riveting speech about Paul being a snake and directly going after him.  He did the right thing for his and Alex's overall game.  She refers to Jason as her ride-or-die, but also refers to her and Paul flipping the house and getting everyone out.  I wonder to whom she'll be most loyal in the end.

I'm way behind.  I have to watch Thursday's ep tonight, and my friend (HI BENJI!!) just told me there's a special Battle Back episode tonight.  Looks like I'm gonna be busy!!

Second Side Note: It was really nice not having to hear Josh's bullshit this episode.


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