Big Brother 19 - Episode 9: Paranoia Takes Root

The HoH comp is going strong.  Just about everyone in the house feels like this is a "must win" for them...especially Jessica.  With her only true ally gone, she feels that she is next on the block and most certainly will be going home.  She's a strong competitor, but these endurance comps are all about how long your body can last.  Mind over matter can only get you so far when your muscles give out and every nerve ending in your body is SCREAMING for the pain to stop.

The HGs are being assaulted by blasts of air, freezing water and green "space goop".  It's going to make it pretty hard to hold on to a wall that pretty much puts you almost parallel with the ground. One by one folks start dropping off.  Josh is first, lasting only 21 minutes.  If I'm not mistaken, this was they type of comp that the battle back evictees had to participate in last year.  Mark falls second.  He's a strong guy being a personal trainer and everything, but maybe all that muscle is a hindrance in this type of comp?  Raven falls next.  Ramses loses his grip and falls.  With three votes to evict and no idea where they came from, he's gotta be a little freaked out.

Kevin can't handle the pressure and falls.  Matt is next, leaving Jason as the last man on the wall.  Jessica looks cucumber-calm, so Dominique, Elena, and Alex are just trying to hold on longer than she is at the moment.  Jessica's cool demeanor is all an act though, so she falls next.  Dominique practically jumps off after this, feeling that she and her crew are completely safe.  One should know that one is only "completely safe" when they are HoH, and only for that week.  The tables turn faster than one of those old school metal merry-go-round things at the playground you had to get the biggest kind to manually spin around...remember those?  For all the Millennials out there reading this (no disrespect), this is what I'm talking about...

Jason doesn't trust Elena, so he tries to half-ass make a deal and it falls flat.  Jason, Elena and Alex are all hurting pretty badly, so Elena promises Jason he's safe and he drops.  Only problem with that is that Elena and Alex make a deal that Alex won't put up anyone Elena wants to keep safe and she drops and gives it to Alex.  Jason still feels safe because he is aligned with Alex and feels like he knows he won't go up.  Elena doesn't want blood on her hands because the entire house wants Jess out anyway.  I think it's a stupid move and I would never consider getting Jess out as "getting blood on your hands" when just about the whole house wants to make it happen.

Paul starts to sow the seeds of doubt among the house.  He is telling folks about the info Cody gave him regarding Mark & Dominique.  It's completely bogus, but no one knows that as fact.  Paul even gets Kevin to secretly vote for Ramses to get the other HGs to question each other.  I'll give it to him...the man knows what he's doing.  It's also amazing that he can come into the game for a second year in a row and pull off these moves.  His game is a bit different this year.  His social game is still on point, but he doesn't have the bromance that he had in the beginning like last year with Paulie.

Jess has now moved over to the other side of the house because she feels like an outcast.  Jason's all about it because he feels like she could be a number for their side and flip the house.  Jason doesn't want her put up, but Alex insists that she has to.  The numbers want her out, so if nothing else she has to go on the block to keep up appearances.  Alex is playing a long game, she wants to infiltrate and destroy the showmances alliance.  She's a gamer, so I definitely believe she's got strategic skills.  She's also secretly aligned with Paul and I think at the present moment that's probably the best thing she could do for her game.  Paul doesn't care about Jess anymore because he feels she's weak without Cody.  He also feels threatened by Dominique and if they can start to plant more seeds of doubt and get the rest of the house to turn on her, it doesn't look like they've had any hand in it.

Elena wants to keep Mark, Matt, Raven, Dominique and Paul safe.  That's a lot of damn people.  Alex tells Elena her reservations regarding Mark and Dom.  Elena is not signing off on that deal and she feels a bit betrayed that she's even considering it.  Paul is more threatened by Dom than he is Mark, so that's who he pushes for in noms.

Side notes: Kevin is basically Ramses' father figure and the VeToad curse was lifted.  I care about neither.  Raven shares an important part of her life by revealing that she has Gastroparesis.  It's a disease where her stomach can't digest food.  I really feel for her.  That was one of the many things I was tested for.  Thankfully I do not have it, but I can definitely understand what she's going through.  She's a pretty tough cookie and not just a pretty dancer.  Who knew?

Christmas is back from surgery and it was gnarly. She broke multiple bones and they had to reconstruct ligaments. They actually had to do a bone graft.  She will never get her full mobility back, which is devastating to her.  He wanted to possibly compete in CrossFit again after this was done, and I think that's pretty much out of the question.  BB isn't going to modify any challenges for her and she's going to be in a cast for at least six weeks.  I really wonder how this is going to shake out in the game.  I wonder if people will feel sorry for her and/or no longer see her as a competitive threat, or if they'll just get her out as dead weight.  If she were to make it all the way to the end?  I don't think she'd win it.  Yeah, she was able to hang in the house with a broken foot, but everyone would say she didn't earn it.  Just my thoughts...I hope it never comes to any of that and she can actually continue to earn her spot.

Dom goes up to talk to Alex and she seems to be talking in circles and trying to throw her own folks under the bus.  Unfortunately what she's saying is absolutely true, she's just got the wrong person.  Alex thinks she's blaming Elena, when it's really Paul who's behind it all.  It wasn't a good move on Dom's part, especially since she has no real relationship with Alex.

As expected, Alex nominates Jessica (no surprise) and Dominique (who looks surprised as HELL).  As is every week, it's now up to the PoV.  People definitely tap into a strength and fighting spirit when their back is against the wall.  I can see Jess actually winning PoV and pulling herself off of the block.  I don't know if Mark would get put up in her place unless Alex knew she had the votes secured to get him out.  If she doesn't, she's got instant enemies and that's not what she needs right now.

Paul isn't safe after this week, so he's putting in work now so he can try and sit back and just watch the fireworks.  The Halting Hex is going to shake up the game as soon as it's revealed Wednesday, so we'll just have to see what happens next.  I'm personally loving the season!


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