The Journey of Betty Bad-Ass

I have started living a more active lifestyle and eating cleaner/healthier.  I made a comment on Facebook one night that watching American Ninja Warrior makes me want to be all “Betty Bad-Ass”.  So of course, it stuck.  I have been getting up in the mornings and alternating between bike riding and walking, while also doing water aerobics 4 days a week.  My hubby has inspired me.  He does some sort of activity 6 days a week, alternating between biking and running.  He’s training for his second half marathon.  I’m so very proud of him.  From here on out he will be known as Billy Bad-Ass.  I think Mr. and Mrs. Bad-Ass is cute.  Now I want to have one of those beach caricatures done of us all muscled up and sexy to put on t-shirts.

My friend Christine and I are doing a 3 week clean(er) eating challenge.  We are alternating who provides the food every week.  We will provide breakfast and lunch, but we’re on our own with dinner.  I’ve got that covered.  My husband is an amazing cook and makes sure that I have more than enough of everything I need.  I’m spoiled like that.  This week it’s her turn to feed us and I must say she’s doing an awesome job.  Yesterday was our first day and we ate very well.  There was lots of fresh fruit, veggies and lean protein.  There were times when I wanted something to eat, but I wanted something “crunchy”.  It was very specific, but I decided if I were truly hungry I’d get up and get some fruit.  I didn’t, so I guess I really wasn’t hungry.  I have a habit of eating when I’m bored and making choices that aren’t so great.  It’s something I’m working on.

I'm also going to throw BeachBody's Shakeology into the mix.  A Coach told me that her husband has IBS-C and his symptoms can get really bad.  Since drinking Shakeology he can pretty much lead a "normal" life.  I've got IBS-D, but it's worth a shot.  Western meds aren't doing the trick.  Maybe it will help with symptoms, maybe it will help with the weight loss. We shall see.  Go big or go home, Betty always says.

She also recommended a book to me, It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.  I'm only a couple of chapters in, but it's a fascinating read.  I'm not focusing on the diet part of the book so much as the how and why of food and how it affects the body.  It makes you not want to eat Twinkies again.  Mmmm, Twinkies...wait, what?

I’m extremely proud of myself.  It’s only day two, but I’ve gone two whole days doing this!  That’s pretty awesome, I think. (I’m also working on kicking my mental roommate, Negative Nelly, to the curb.  She’s a bitch and I don’t want her in my life anymore)  “Billy” woke me up this morning so I could get my activity in.  We’ve been doing an every other day routine for me, so I wasn’t expecting it.  I got up, got dressed and hopped on my bike.  It was nice…listening to my music, pedaling through the neighborhood.  Everything was bright and pretty and QUIET.

I’m still tracking everything through SparkPeople, mainly to see what I’m eating.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to gauge this challenge solely on weight loss.  I’ve had a lot of trouble making the scales move as of late and I’m afraid that if I say “I’m going to lose 5lbs when these three weeks are up” and I don’t do it, Nelly will kick Betty out on her ass…I don’t want that.  So my main goal for these three weeks is to get through these three weeks.  I’m going to follow through on this one.  I took my measurements too, in case there’s any movement on that front.  I’m optimistic.  Like Sam Cook said, a change is gonna come.

Hi, my name is D’Ann…but you can call me Betty Bad-Ass.


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