Big Brother 16 - Buggin' Out

The Battle of the Block has been won by Victoria and Brittany and it sinks in that Paola (I REFUSE to refer to her as Pao-Pao) and Donny are officially on the Block. Paola actually feels bad for Donny and wishes that she could do something to save him.  She admittedly is very selfish outside of the house and this feeling of selflessness is characteristically unlike her.  She and Donny couldn't be more different, which just goes to show that this social experiment that is BB can bring people from all walks of life together.

Donny tells Paola and Devin that he cries not because they lost the comp, but because everyone in the house has shown him such genuine kindness that it fills his heart.  Donny is a sensitive soul that is genuine and sweet. He has no idea that he is being stabbed in the back by his "alliance member" Devil...I mean Devin.  Devin of course doesn't buy the tears or the sincerity, but has Donny believing that he is still by his side.

Devin even has Caleb believing that Donny isn't what he seems.  He doesn't buy Donny's story that the reason he has no lower leg hair is because of wearing tall socks.  Caleb thinks it is from wearing military boots and believes that he has served in the armed forces and isn't divulging that information.  Devin even goes so far as to question Donny on his truthfulness.  I'm sure editing has a lot to do with the level of paranoia we're seeing, but hopefully Donny is a little more wary of Devin and his intentions.

Almost not worth mentioning: The ghosts thing with Nicole?  I'm over it.

The Have Nots are once again a part of the game and as sole HoH Caleb had to nominate the first four for the week.  Joey, Hayden, Brittany and Cody all volunteer for the task.  If you're a real fan of the game a la Ian Terry, winner of BB14, it makes sense that one would volunteer to be a Have Not for the week.  You're there to play the game, so why not try to experience it in its entirety?  Besides, once you've experienced the cold showers, eating only Slop and sleeping in the ever-uncomfortable Have Not bedroom (which is freezer themed this year), you might just fight like hell to keep yourself on the Have list for the remainder of the season.  Another bonus: people volunteering to be a Have Not means that Caleb didn't have to choose anyone.  He has absolutely no blood on his hands.

Joey believes there is an all guy alliance in the house and wants to try and create an all girls alliance.  She believes that if the women stick together(which happens never in the house) they can have the numbers to control the house and have a fighting chance for the season. Joey also points out that the guys in the house never talk game strategy with the girls.  She's correct, but unfortunately her idea falls on deaf ears.  I touched on this briefly before, but Girl Power just doesn't work in the BB house.  What's the problem with women?  Women don't trust other women.  They also believe that men will have the power and will keep them safe...and personally I think that's really sad.

Another problem is that Joey presents her idea to Amber, who is a member of the #BombSquad.  She immediately runs to Caleb to let him know what Joey's intentions are and make sure that she is having no part of it.  Aww, such a good little snitch!

Joey succumbs to her defeat and confesses to Devin and Caleb her plan and how it backfired.  Devin tells her that he hasn't aligned himself with anyone, which she buys.  Caleb tells her the reason it didn't work is because it's much too early in the game to start something like that, which she also buys, further convincing her that there is no guy's alliance.  She feels her willingness to be forthcoming will get her back into their good graces. It's really sad to watch...I like Joey.  She had a really good idea, but I don't think she'd built the relationships necessary to view her as a leader.  Once again, if she'd started with one or two people and then tried to recruit others with a stronger base, maybe she could have made it work.

The Power of Veto competitors are two nominees (Paola and Donny), the HoH (Caleb) and three HGs picked by random draw (Zach, Cody and Victoria).  The comp was entitled Miami Lice.  Everyone was dressed in Crockett & Tubbs pastel suits and had to tread through a pool of water where there was a giant head held soaked hair with alphabet-covered lice.  They had to find lice, take them one piece at a time to their station and arrange the letters to spell a word.  The HG that is able to correctly spell the longest word in the shortest amount of time wins the PoV.  Being a lover of vocabulary, this competition is always one of my favorites.  It's amazing how some people can butcher the English language.

The HGs were frantically picking letters and taking them back to their stations.  Donny seems to be moving very slowly and not too concerned with time.  He said it was because he knew if he tried to rush like the "young folks" he would tire himself out or risk getting soap in his eyes and lose the comp. Zach actually had a decent strategy of taking letters and hiding them in the shampoo bottle prop while he figured out what to spell.  It's devious, but effective.  I like it, but I still don't like him.

Once time was up, the words were revealed:

Zach: WARNING - correctly spelled 7 letter word.
Cody: COMPETIVELY - incorrectly spelled competitively and is disqualified
Caleb: SECIALIZED - incorrectly spelled specialized and is disqualified.  He couldn't find a P.
Victoria: PHARMAIST - incorrectly spelled pharmacist and is disqualified.  She couldn't find a C.
Paola: CALTORU - incorrectly spelled calculator and is disqualified.  She couldn't find the other letters, but even the ones she did find weren't in the correct order.
Donny: SPLITTERS - correctly spelled 9 letter word.

Aaaaaand it's Donny for the win.  The same thing happens every season with this game.  HGs try to go for the longest word they can think of and either end up not being able to find all of the letters or they misspell it altogether.  It's still fun to watch.

Donny of course takes himself off the block.  No one has made the mistake of being on the block and not using the veto to save themselves since Marcellas in BB3.  That is still recognized as the dumbest move in BB history.  Now that the #BombSquad's main threat has taken himself off of the block, they need to put someone else up.  Joey's confession fails to save her and Caleb makes her the obvious choice of a replacement nominee.

If she is is unable to campaign and rally the votes to stay in the house, I wonder how it would affect Team America.  Will there be an extra week of voting to bring the alliance back up to three, or would they stick with two members?  I hope it works out.  The BB twist of having a saboteur in the house in BB12 was a disaster in my eyes, I hope Team America doesn't travel down the same path.  We shall see tonight. Later, BB Fans!


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