Big Brother 16: Joey's Psychic Abilities and other Musings...

I'll get into Joey's psychic abilities in a bit, but I know she's kicking her TV right about now.

When we last left our HGs they were heated in the battle for HoH.  Most everyone seemed to finally get a hold of the challenge and get a good rhythm going...that is all except Victoria.  She couldn't get a handle on the eggs and dropped quite a few.  They are starting to peg her as the most useless houseguest.  Apparently she is high maintenance, no one wants to bunk with her and she's just all around annoying.  Her friendship was truly severed with Frankie when he put her up.  I barely see any footage of them together in the house.

Cody and Frankie narrowly win HoH.  Zach and Amber were right on their heels, but the extra verbal coaching from Derrick seemed to help keep them focused.  The first thing Zach does is congratulate Frankie and tell him how happy he was that he won, ultimately meaning Frankie would keep Zach safe.  Frankie tells Zach that he doesn't want to talk game or nominations at all and he just wants to take a few minutes and be happy in his win.  While on the one hand I can respect that, #Zrankie was a pretty hot item before Zach's Veto meeting rampage.  I wonder if calling out Frankie during his little tirade really did strain that relationship somewhat.

While Derrick, Zach, Christine, Cody and Frankie all agree that the #BombSquad is officially over, they still want to work together in the game.  They all agree that an 8 person alliance was a mistake from the giddy-up and believe 5 is a perfect number.  With all of the drama surrounding the non-relationship between Caleb and Amber, they'd rather not have them a part of the new alliance at all.  They officially dub themselves #TheDetonators and even create a little hand signal.  That's cute.  I clown, but if I were in there I'd happily be in on the same type of shenanigans.

Side Note: I think it is hilarious/refreshing for the guys to talk about their Man Crushes.
Brittany feels she might get put up by Cody because she doesn't follow her around with her nose open  like the younger women of the house do.  She confides in Frankie, who of course runs and tells Cody. Cody is pissed because not only does he feel that she thinks he is shallow, which he claims he most certainly is not, but she didn't come talk to him about it and had no plans on doing so.  I say claims because I haven't seen enough to make a distinction either way.  He doesn't come off as shallow to me though.  So if Brittany would've kept her mouth shut she might not have been on Cody's radar.  Gotta know when to hold 'em, honey.

The mission chosen for Team America was for them to put someone on the block they thought was a physical threat.  Rather than burn bridges with any of the guys in the house (because they're all aligned) they decide to put up Amber because she is the biggest female physical threat.  Frankie decides to get ahead of the situation and tell Amber that she's going on the block as a pawn, since Team America has decided to keep their alliance a secret from the rest of the house.  She thinks she is just a pawn because even though the Squad is no more, they are still in an alliance together, right?  Well that statement is only half true, but she doesn't know that yet.

Nomination Ceremony time!  Cody puts up Brittany and Victoria.  Frankie puts up Amber and Jacosta.

Brittany says that she's tired of all of the fakeness and lies in the house.  So...have you never watched an episode of Big Brother?  Did they pull you right off the beach and say "Hey, wanna be on a reality show?" (which is totally possible).  Seriously?!  I guarantee you everyone in that house is going to do something fake at least ONCE during their stay.  She needs to go, I'm done with her.  I really wanted to like her too...we have the mom thing in common.  She's not BB house material though..we definitely differ in that aspect.

Amber talks to Christine and Jacosta and decides that she is tired of being a pawn in the boys' game.  She feels that if the girls don't ban together soon, they are just gonna get picked off one by one.  Um...paging Joey!  Is Joey in the house?  Oh wait...she got booted for trying to do the same damn thing week one!  Hopefully she took over Miss Cleo's hotline and is putting her talents to good use.  She saw the writing on the wall and no one wanted to come into her corner.  Too Little, Too Late, party of one?  Right this way, please...

The #Battle of the Block is called Knight Moves.  The backyard is set up like a chess board and the nominees are dressed as knights.  They each start off in a corner of the board and can only move the way a knight in a chess game would, in an "L" shaped pattern.  When you land on a square, you flip it over and it turns red. That square can no longer be landed on.  When you run out of moves,  you are eliminated.  It's like Othello, which is a game I love.  I might have to dig that out of the closet, but I digress...

Jacosta is the first one out and all of her hopes reside on Amber's shoulders.  Brittany is eliminated next and it's up to Amber or Victoria to win or lose it for their team. Amber knocks out Victoria and wins it for her team also dethroning Frankie in the process.  Poor Frankie, that's twice he's been knocked off of the little pedestal.  Jacosta loses her mind and starts screaming about how they won. Um..."they"?  Who is this "they"of which she speaks?  Of which she speaks in TONGUES, no less!!  I'm the first to admit that I am not a religious person.  I've seen the whole speaking in tongues thing before, but never after someone won a game!  She didn't even win the damn game, it was gifted to her on a silver platter!  I know I said I was officially done with her last time and I'm not quite sure if I can become even more officially done, but I'm done.  Can you tell? Have I said it enough?  Done. With. HER.

Almost Not Worth Mentioning: Caleb is a jealous little troll!  He told Frankie that Amber was trying to play him and he was done with it.  As if he were calling the shots!  She has told him in no uncertain terms that he is not the one!  I love how people choose to hear what they like and rewrite the script to their liking.  It's good in game play, but not in this showmance crap!

The PoV is up next and who knows how that's gonna go.  If someone gets pulled off the block, Cody can put up Caleb and I think the house would just go right along with it.  Hopefully it won't be another golden opportunity wasted.  We'll see how safe he wants to play it.


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