Big Brother 16: A Week's Worth

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

We took a mini-vacation to Palm Springs this past weekend, so I got kind of behind on my BB16.  This post will sum up my thoughts on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday's episodes.

I loved the question "People smile in your face and stab you in the back...who does that?"  I can't remember if Brittany or Victoria asked that question, but Hayden rightfully answered "People who play Big Brother".  If you really think that there won't be a single person in the house to play that game, you've got blinders on.

In the PoV competition, HGs had to use a kicking machine to kick a soccer ball into a net with various point values.  The person in each round with the lowest score was eliminated.  The eliminated HG got to pick their prize.  The HG eliminated after got to steal a prize already won or settle for their own level prize.  As usual, the 6th place prize was the PoV.  Victoria did surprisingly well in this competition, which shocked EVERYONE.  Among the prizes were a trip to Germany (won by Zach), a Germitard (won by Nicole), the punishment of having to kick yourself in the butt 10 times every time a whistle blew (Cody), the punishment of having to kick 2,400 goals in 24 hours (won by Brittany), $5,000 (won by Caleb) and...drum roll PLEASE!  The PoV was won by Victoria...well, not so much won as just handed to her on a silver platter.

Victoria and Caleb were the last two standing when Victoria kicked her ball out of bounds and eliminated herself.  She chose the PoV.  Caleb won and instead of choosing the PoV to keep the noms the same (as Cody wanted) or using it on Brittany (which she wanted and he eluded to), he decided to take the $5k.  Cody was BEYOND PISSED.  They already don't get along because of this stupid Amber love triangle bullshit going on in the house and Cody took it as an affront to their alliance (that doesn't exist).  Cody was out for blood and wanted to nominate Caleb just on G.P.  Derrick and Frankie tried to talk him out of it, saying that Caleb was a vote for them (even though Caleb doesn't know he isn't a part of the new Detonators alliance) and that Donny would be the obvious choice to nominate since he is beloved by everyone in the house and would remain safe.

Cody talked to Donny and told him that he was safe from going up and that Caleb was being put on the block for his betrayal.  Frankie realizes this and tells Derrick to try and talk some sense into Cody right before the PoV ceremony.  Derrick succeeds and Cody goes back on his word and puts up Donny.  Donny knows someone else is pulling the strings and suspects Derrick, but doesn't want to because of their Team America alliance.

Meanwhile, tragedy has struck Frankie and his family as he received word that his grandfather lost his battle with cancer.  Frankie is visibly upset by this and everyone comes to his side to offer comfort.  That's one thing I will say about BB, it is a powder keg of emotion.  Most of the time it's drama, but there are times when the house bands together for the good of one another.  I remember when Monica learned that her cousin was missing in the World Trade bombing in BB2.  There were only 3 people left in the house at that point, but they both offered their love and support to Monica.

As suspected, Brittany goes home with a unanimous vote on Thursday.  I don't know what her strategy was, but she didn't have a very good game.  She didn't know how to roll with the punches.  She definitely was a fighter and that spirit emerged every time her back was to the wall, but in the end it just wasn't enough.  I wanted to like her too, but in no way did I respect her game (or lack thereof).

Almost Not Worth Mentioning: The Caleb/Amber backyard date.  He really needs to get it through his head that she doesn't want him!  Like I said before, I don't know if he is used to getting what he wants outside of the house, but this crush he's got on her is really bad for his game...especially when the feelings aren't reciprocated.  The whole "she needs to remember who keeps her safe" is some straight up bull too.  He throws himself on the mercy of the Block which 1) she didn't ask him to do and 2) was totally unnecessary and he expects a freakin' medal!  He's coming off as the controlling boyfriend who screams "YOU DON'T APPRECIATE ALL OF THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU!!" right before he flies off the handle. Someone needs to keep an eye on him.

The HoH comp is played where HGs battle against each other.  The lyrics of a song are played that describe a comp that has taken place.  They have to identify whether the comp was HoH, BoB or Veto.  It comes down to the final 4 and Derrick decides to give the competition to Frankie so that he can become HoH and see pictures of his grandfather and get a letter from home.  It was a very nice gesture, one that Frankie will not soon forget and Derrick (as nice as he may be) knows that it won't be forgotten.  Still, I am going to try and take the high road and say that Derrick did it with absolutely no ulterior motive.  Zach won the final leg of the comp and #Zankie become the new HoH couple.

Last week Amber tried to rally the girls to get the boys out of the house.  Christine, being loyal to one of her alliances, runs and tells the boys what Amber is planning, even going so far as to tell Zach that he is Amber's first target.  Zach's mission during his HoH run is to get Amber out of the house.  It gets back to Amber that Zach knows her plan and now she has to do damage control.

This week's Team America assignment is to try and get two people to have an argument that lasts for at least 20 seconds either during the Nomination Ceremony or at the PoV meeting.  Seeing as how one member of Team America is in power, they just might be able to pull it off.

Zach goes to Christine and wants to put her up and have her throw the BoB comp to guarantee Amber staying on the block.  Christine wants no parts of it.  Everyone knows that pawns can still go home and she doesn't want to ruin her game like that.  She's absolutely right, but unfortunately when you're part of an alliance that wants to make this move, you look like you're not a team player and you can't be trusted.  Of course no one thinks about the long haul and how this move hurts no one's game but her own, but they never do.

Zach gets pissed at Christine and not only decides to still put her up, he tries to blow her up to her bestie Nicole by eluding to the fact that Christine is hiding something from her.  Zach has no idea about their alliance but he is still trying to drive a wedge between the friendship.  Luckily because there was a defunct alliance that is no more, Christine can say that Zach was trying to dime her out regarding the Bomb Squad, but show Nicole how much she can trust her since she already told her about that alliance.

Amber gets word that she may be the target and says in no uncertain terms that if she is put up she will expose the entire alliance.  She can only be talking about the Bomb Squad because she has no idea about The Detonators, seeing as how she was completely left out of it.  She can blow that whistle all she wants, everyone in the house already knows about it so that would just make her look stupid.  Zach decides that the only way to get Amber out of the house is to back-door her.  When the Nomination Ceremony commences, Frankie nominates Jacosta and Victoria and Zach nominates Nicole and Christine.

Frankie says that his noms were purely strategic and not personal, and that he only nominated them because he has nominated them in the past and there will be no blood on his hands.  Zach goes on a power trip, calls Christine the definition of a floater and calls Nicole a "fruit loop dingus".  First of all, WTH?  That didn't even make sense.  Nicole was so shocked by it she laughed in his face, but was visibly hurt by the name-calling.  Team America was hoping that with his ridiculous nom speech Zach would start a fire under Christine and their arranged fight would break out, but it was a no-go.  They still have until the PoV meeting on Wednesday night's ep.

I'm sure I've missed a couple of things, and I apologize.  I'll be sure and be more thorough on the eps going forward. I'm just wondering how many times Jacosta, Donny and Victoria can avoid eviction.  I don't know if any one of them will step up and win an HoH.  Out of the three Donny has the best shot at it.  Someone else needs to start winning and shake up that house.


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