Big Brother 16 - The First To Go

It's eviction night, people!  Paola and Joey are on the block.  Personally, I want to see Paola go, but let's get to it, shall we?

The #BombSquad wants a unanimous vote to get Joey out of the door and is even "threatening" HGs to make it happen.  I don't think Devin is a smart player.  He goes rogue and doesn't make good choices.

Christine is a member of the Squad, but I think she's a reluctant member.  Amber is all about being a part of the group, but I think Christine is just going along with it.  She even hints to Joey that Caleb and Devin are running the house and that she is the main target for the week, thereby ruining any chance of a coup.  It's too soon to go against the house and no one is going to take the bait.  Even a sympathy vote would be frowned upon at this point, and it's only week one!

Joey talks to Zach and he outright admits that Devin and Caleb control the house at this point.  At least he's smart enough not to cop to the alliance.  Joey tries to shake up the house and dresses as her alter ego 'Alex' and runs around the house, screaming at the HGs all manly and telling them not to be scared of the power in the house.  It's a last ditch effort and once again falls on deaf ears.  Like I said before, her ideas are spot-on, but she's a terrible player of the game.

In this week's romantical news, Caleb has the hots for Amber in a big way.  He can't stop talking about her or thinking about her, so he decides to bring her up to the HoH suite and confess his undying like for her. She in no way feels the same and was almost embarrassed for him.  It was HILARIOUS!  I guess people see what they want to see, and he saw her looking at him as much as he was looking at her.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not supposed to be fun to see someone shot down in flames but it was.

It's time to evict, and as suspected Joey is evicted with a unanimous 13-0 vote.  I'm sorry to see her go.

This week's HoH competition is Greek Week.  The ladies go first, which guarantees the women a shot at the HoH room that they might not get if all the HGs competed together.  They have to cross a balance beam and grab kegs and carry them back across a balance beam to their platform.  The first person to complete the task wins HoH.  If you fall off the balance beam or drop a keg you are disqualified.  The guys stand atop the frat house and throw foam discs at the girls, trying to knock them off balance.  Amber makes quick work of this competition and wins HoH.  As the men compete, Derrick was disqualified.  In a race to the finish, Hayden falls off his beam and is DQ'ed.  Cody narrowly beats Devin.  Before the commercial, Julie notes that the tape has to be reviewed because there may have been a foul committed.  When they return, she confirms that Cody did indeed touch the ground before hitting his buzzer, thereby making Devin HoH.  Either way, the #BombSquad has complete control of the house.

Donny has been voted the second member of Team America.  I'm assuming there will only be two members now that Joey has been evicted.  I wonder what type of "missions" they will have to complete.  I'm not too excited for this twist, but we'll see...

Side note: What's up with Julie's cue card reading ability?  She was fumbling through he words a lot at the end of the ep.  Hasn't she done this for enough years to have it down by now?

Tonight will be HoH nominations and possibly the Battle of the Block.  It'll interesting to see how nominations go.  If Donny is still a legitimate target for the #BombSquad, Devin may use Amber's noms to put up Donny.  That way he can have plausible deniability.  It stands to reason that Donny would see through that facade, unless Devin claims that Amber went rogue and didn't talk to him about her nominations first.  I'm sure Amber will go along with whatever Devin wants.  She's still safe because she's a part of his alliance and she doesn't have to worry about being back-doored if her noms dethrone her.  Since Donny won the PoV last week they could consider him a major threat and decide to try and back-door him instead.  I am not sure who Devin will nominate.  It could be anyone.  I guess only time will tell.


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