Big Brother 16: The Block Is Hot

So now everyone is confessing their Bomb Squad sins.  Devin told Brittany and Jacosta about it, Jacosta told Donny the night before the eviction and Christine told Nicole.  That was a smart move on her the reluctant alliance member and make sure your other alliance member doesn't hear it from someone else first.

Of course Devin goes to Derrick and tells him that he wants to be nominated so that he can have two chances to pull himself off of the block and secure his safety.  Seeing as how Devin is enemy #1, that's not happening in a million years.

Derrick tries to talk game with his fellow HoH Nicole, but she is being very tight-lipped.  He thinks that she's playing the "plausible deniability" game and not getting involved too much.  I hope he's only saying that because he thinks it's what she wants to hear and actually realizes that she's playing a classic floater game...head down and nose clean.  In the Diary Room Nicole admits that she didn't want to win HoH because she didn't want to have to make any decisions.  You can only float for so long.  At some point you're going to have to grab a life vest.  OMG did I just quote Rachel?  :)

Derrick is truly proving himself to be a very smart player.  He sets it up so that he is essentially choosing both his and Nicole's nominations, setting him up to be the reigning HoH. BRILLIANT.  He wants to put up Caleb and Jacosta.  He wants Nicole to put up Amber so that when he tells Caleb that Amber's being  put up, he will throw himself on the sword and go on the block to throw the Battle comp and keep Amber safe.  It's very admirable how much he likes Amber and the lengths he is willing to go to in order to show it, but SHE ISN'T INTERESTED. MOVE ON.  I wonder if in is normal life he's just used to getting whatever and whomever he wants, or if he's an actual stalker-type.

True to form, when Derrick tells Caleb about Amber being up he wants to go on the block to save her.  Jacosta is really a non-issue at this point.  She's just there for window dressing...she has shown none of her cards at this point..well, just the direct calling card to God that she keeps pulling out.  Sorry, that was rude.  Funny, but rude.  I digress...

Derrick tells Nicole the ultimate plan for Caleb to throw the comp, someone other than Devin to win the PoV later and to back-door him.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, Nicole decided she is going to provide Donny with this information.  During this conversation Donny tells Nicole that her buddy Christine was a part of the Bomb Squad.  It's really a good thing that Christine told her this information first, but because of their alliance Nicole doesn't let Donny know that she already has that information.

Soon after the convo, Donny tells Jacosta the plan for Caleb to throw the Battle comp.  Christine overhears and runs to tell Nicole that Donny is breaking her confidence.  He pretty much seals his fate at this point and will go up on the block, I'm thinking.

Sure enough Derrick noms Caleb and Jacosta, letting the house know that Caleb volunteered.  Nicole noms Donny and Amber, basically saying that Amber's nom is tit-for-tat for nominating her the previous week and Donny was a decision based on last-minute information.  Later Nicole tells Donny he was nominated because he went and ran his mouth about Caleb throwing the comp.  Donny then says to her "did you tell me not to tell?" and Nicole honestly can't remember if she did or not.  Well guess what, SHE DID.  Her exact words to Donny were "this stays between  you and I".  Just because they forgot she said it doesn't mean it's negated. UGH, these people sometimes...

The Battle of the Block comp is called Abra-ca-BoB-ra and it's in a Harry Potter style.  One teammate is in a harness that is pulled up when the other teammate runs to get a puzzle piece.  The harnessed member must put the puzzle together and they must be the first to have their puzzle correct and buzz in to be pulled off of the Block.  I must admit, Caleb did an outstanding job of throwing that comp.  To the untrained eye he looked like he was really competing.  Knowing that Caleb goes straight beast mode in all of his competitions, it was easy to tell that he was moseying just a little more than he should've been.

Now the only thing remaining is to see if Devin is chosen for and wins the PoV.  Unfortunately it happens all the time.  When people's lives are on the line in this game, they summon a strength and determination not normally used.  With PoV being a luck of the draw, it would be easy for his name to be chosen.  Let's just hope it isn't.

Team America is given their first assignment, and much to my surprise it's the one I wanted!  They have to get three HGs to spread a rumor that someone amongst them is a relative of a former HG.  That shouldn't be too hard, since relatives of former players have actually competed in the game before.  The Team decides to try and spread the rumor that Zach is the cousin of Amber from BB15.  They both have dark hair and they're both from Florida, so why not?  I will say that the paranoia factor definitely seems to be ramped  up in that house.

MISSION COMPLETED!  They decide that the story is that Zach told Paola that he is Amber's cousin.  It's perfect because Paola isn't there to refute the story.  They tell Caleb because they know that Caleb can't keep anything from Amber, Donny tells Nicole knowing that she will tell Christine, and then they tell Zach about it to "ask him if it's true" because they know he will tell the entire house!  Not only that, but Zach decides that he's going to keep it going and try to have everyone believing it.  Priceless.


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