Big Brother 16: Devin = DRAMA

The entire #BombSquad is afraid that Devin's gonna go bat-shit crazy since he's one of the HoH's this week and they SHOULD BE.  Either he doesn't think before he acts or he only thinks of himself before he acts. Either way he's dangerous to any alliance he's in and I'm pretty sure he's gonna prove that this week.

Oh hey, look...proof #1.  Devin lets his conscience be his guide and decides to confess to Donny that he was the reason he was nominated last week.  Donny listens and accepts his apology.  Of course Devin has lost Donny's trust and will have a tough time getting that back...although Devin doesn't know that.  Donny needs to keep that little nugget to himself.  Zach was also listening to this confession while pretending to be asleep one bed over.  As part of the Squad, this behavior frightens him.  Once again he's flying off the handle.  Yes, it's admirable that you want to play with honesty and integrity.  Yes it's admirable that you want to confess to Donny and the house that you mistrusted him and apologize openly.  You know where that's a stupid move?! IN THIS HOUSE. Your actions affect everyone in your alliance.  You've now made it look like Caleb and Frankie lied to the house regarding their nominations...which is true.  You've also made it look like you're a puppet master that can get anyone to do your bidding.  Don't know how true that is, but at this point it doesn't matter how true it is.  In the BB house, perception is reality.  And Devin is really looking like a dangerous idiot.

This week's romantical moment: Hayden & Nicole.  They're flirting like my husband and I did in 7th grade, which is cute.  Nicole discusses with Christine bringing Hayden in on their alliance.  They believe they need a strong man in the competitions that is on their side and given their physicality I believe they're right.  Their only concern is Hayden telling someone else about the alliance.  Christine is a part of the Squad, unbeknownst to Nicole, so she knows she's safe there.  Given what we've seen he doesn't seem to be aligned with anyone else, so it's a fairly safe move.  Hayden takes the offer and becomes the third member of their alliance.

Almost Not Worth Mentioning: Caleb misses cuddling with someone so much he's crying about it?  I guess...I don't know.  I should stop.  Women always complain about a man not being sensitive enough. There's also such a thing as being too sensitive. Maybe he needs to reel it in a bit is all I'm sayin'...

It's time to discuss #Nominations.  With the squad being in total power, they get together to discuss who should be put up.  Brittany is Devin's #1 target.  Of course after he had his soul session with the house, her first question was the validity of the "You went up because you fell first" statements made by Caleb and Frankie.  She's absolutely right to question that.  She seems to look at things from every angle and analyze appropriately.  A girl after my own heart.  Why shouldn't she question that?  Devin looks at it as an attack on his integrity when the truth of the matter is that her question has absolutely NOTHING to do with that.  If anything, she believes he's being 100% honest and is questioning the honesty of Caleb and Frankie.  It's just another reason for Devin to add validity to his paranoia.  Amber is conflicted with her nominations.  She doesn't want to put up two girls because she doesn't want it to be obvious that she's working with the majority of the men in the house.  See, she's got a little of that Girl Power Joey was looking for.  If only Joey had gotten to her first...

Devin draws the first egg and nominates Brittany and Paola for eviction. Amber draws the second and nominates Hayden and Nicole.  She is visibly upset during her nomination ceremony, which shows that her nominations are not her own.  She even states that she didn't have many options.  If anyone is listening to her words, she's pretty much telling them that she's in a large alliance.  My first question as a HG would've been 'what do you mean you didn't have many options...there are 13 people to choose from at this point'.  It makes me wonder if anyone outside the squad will put 2 and 2 together.

Devin's grand plan is to have Paola throw the competition so that she and Brittany remain on the Block.  She is guaranteed safety while Brittany is ushered out the door.  Devin explains this to Hayden and Nicole to give them some relief.  During this conversation, Devin shows his true colors again.  Amber suggested to Devin that he make them comfortable and tell them the plan and he basically tells her to shut up and let him finish.  If I were his alliance members, after his reign of HoH is done I would move to boot his ass out of the house. He would need to be back-doored to ensure he doesn't save himself with the PoV.

The HGs are awakened at 5:00 in the morning to alarms and a voice telling them that the competition is about to begin in the backyard.  The Frat House from the HoH comp has been trashed during one hell of a party that the HGs can't seem to remember.  In the Battle of the Block competition entitled "We Did WHAT?!" each pair was asked a question about one of the many wacky pictures flashing before their eyes.  If the pair answered the question correctly, they got a point and got to give a punishment to the other team.  If they answered incorrectly, they not only gave a point to the other team, they also got the punishment.  In a move that surprised me, Paola actually took Devin up on his offer and threw the competition so that she would remain safe in the game for as long as possible.  Now, watch in two weeks or so when Devin starts to tell her it's not possible to keep her safe anymore and we'll see how she feels about her decisions then. ANYWAY, she did throw the competition properly though.  You'd never know she threw it. She gave answers that were dangerously close to the correct answers.  It was a tough comp if you're working on little sleep and I think she pull the charade off well.

Amber is dethroned as HoH, which really isn't a big deal to anyone. She's completely safe this week, barring anything insane happening.  Brittany and Paola remain on the block and Brittany swears she's not going down without a fight.  If she wins PoV she could make Devin's life a living hell.  I'm hoping she does.  I like the drama.  Paola is going to have to throw the PoV comp as well, but I'm not sure she's thought that far ahead yet.  If she wins and pulls herself off, Devin's nomination options are limited and it could run the risk of exposing his alliance.  Brittany hasn't had any major game play at this point so we will see how she handles being on the block this week.  I'm sure it'll be loud and in Devin's face.  Works for makes for good television.

BB also confirmed that they will indeed still have 3 members of Team America.  Yay...

Side note: Zrankie?!  REALLY??  I think it's hilarious that these two have formed such a bond, especially when Frankie had already decided they weren't going to get along night one when Zach was giving him shit about where he went to high school!  Oh, how this house changes you...


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