Big Brother 16: No Surprises Here

This should be a fairly short post.  Everything went according to how I suspected it would...they debated keeping Devin and getting rid of Caleb.  To do that DEFINITELY would have been a power move, and seeing how the people discussing getting him out of the house were his own allies, I don't think there would have been anyone in the house deeply saddened by it.  Devin had a horrible social game and in the end I think his extreme unpredictability is what got him a unanimous ticket out of the house.

The battle for HoH is on.  The HGs were paired by random draw in a competition called "Deviled Eggs", the annual "move the eggs through the other side of chicken wire first" competition.  It's never been a team competition before, but there's never been a need to have two winners of a competition with so many people in the house before.  We'll have to see how it ends tonight. I try to stay away from spoiler sites because I like to see all of the action unfold on TV.


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