Big Brother 16: The Storm After the Calm

Sorry I'm so got in the way and this ep wasn't as epic as they made it seem.  After the Veto ceremony, Brittany tells Paola off and lets her know she knew that Paola threw the comp without letting her know that Devin was the one who told her.  That's a smart move on her part.  She has an "understanding" with Devin and there's no reason to burn that bridge immediately.  Paola denies throwing the comp saying that she thought about it, but her loss was genuine.  Even if that were the case, which it isn't, doesn't matter.  As soon as she said she'd thought about it she was done.  Any trust she had has been erased.  If she really wanted to go all out she would've told everyone that she told Devin he could go *expletive deleted* himself and that she would never consider throwing a comp.  It's his word against hers and there are so many people in the house after him now they might've not seen through the heavy curtain of bullshit and bought it.

Zach calls out Devin once the Paola rant is over and basically puts the entire house on blast.  He calls out those whom he feels will vote for him, then lets Caleb and Frankie know that he doesn't really know where they stand.  Caleb I totally get, but Frankie? Frankie of Zach and Frankie?!  Zrankie?  Bad move, man.  If everyone in the house sees how close they are, enough for BB to given them a name merger, then calling him out in front of everyone saying you don't know where his allegiances lie makes him look like a floater.  I get it was heat of the moment and all that, but there was no reason for Frankie's name to even leave his lips.  Frankie was rightfully upset with Zach and that relationship is need of repair.  I hope Zach is up to the task.

Later on, Devin offers the he thinks soon-to-be-vacant #BombSquad seat to Hayden.  It was a straight bully move.  I could almost see Devin punching his fist into the palm of his other hand while offering Hayden the deal.  Of course Hayden reluctantly accepts, planning on blowing up said squad from the inside.  I'm not really sure why Devin thinks he's running things...oh yeah, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DOING WHAT HE SAYS.  At least with his HoH reign soon to be over, that won't last much longer.

Paola is evicted, just as I predicted.  No great loss there.  Not even worth talking about much, really.  She was always 'meh' to me, so I can move on with no feeling either way about it.

The HoH Competition, "Underwater Polo" has HGs using a polo mallet to knock a ball down a playing field into a numbered slot.  The HGs with the two highest numbers will be the HoHs.  Derrick and Nicole beat everyone out for the top spots.  That'll be interesting.  I like Derrick.  I think he's playing a good game.  I need to see more out of Nicole, hopefully more than "ghosts make me pee my pants".

The HGs are wearing FitBit trackers and their level of activity is somehow going to be worked into the game.  I was surprised that FitBit wasn't mentioned directly, but maybe they didn't pay for that level of sponsorship.  You don't find out until you go to the website.

It'll be interesting to see who the two HoHs nominate and why.  Hayden is safe from both because they are both in separate alliances with him.  Frankie and Donny are safe from Derrick because of Team America.  I really have no idea what's in Nicole's head.  I don't see her putting up Devin because that's too much of a power play for her floater game.  Truthfully, I think the only way to get him out of the house is to hope he doesn't get to play for PoV and back-door him.  He's a competitor and has already proven that he can win challenges. 

Even though this post is hella late, I still haven't watched Sunday's episode yet.  I'm off to do that now, but won't be able to write until tomorrow. 


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