Big Brother 16: Sometimes the Back Door is the Only Door

Caleb makes it known to Amber that he threw the comp for her after she specifically told him not to.  I guess he thinks he owes her a date or something, but he is sadly mistaken.  I am really starting to think he's got more of a stalker vibe, which is sad because he's cute.

Derrick, Cody and Caleb discuss how important it is to get Caleb off of the block and put Devin up.  Once Caleb leaves the room, Derrick and Cody discuss what is truly going on.  Derrick wants to know how Cody feels if Caleb can't pull himself off of the block.  Cody wants to get Caleb out because he doesn't like how he makes Amber feel.  I really like that Derrick asked Cody what he thought about the situation without coming right out and saying that he wanted Caleb out as well.  His undercover copery (yes I know that's not a word) is really coming in handy.

Jacosta has a stomach flu and can barely walk by herself.  She will be unable to participate in the PoV competition.  The players are picked and true to form, Devin's name is pulled out of the box.  The players will be Derrick, Caleb, Devin, Donny and Christine. Cody is tapped to host.

Derrick approaches Donny because he wants to know where his head is now that he's been chosen to play in the PoV.  Derrick isn't sure if the Double D's alliance is still in play or not.  Donny doesn't give him any information, and lets Derrick know that for the third week in a row he is out of the loop on what is supposed to be going on in the house.

The backyard is set up like a casino.  The name of the game is Tumblin' Dice.  One by one a player will challenge another player.  They have to step in an over sized die.  A wheel is spun to land on a number.  The object is to walk around in your die to get the number spun to the top of your die when it sits on the platform.  The game is a puzzle, because there is a specific path the die can take in order to accomplish it in the least amount of moves.  The player who completes the task first eliminates the other player.  It seems like every time there is a comp like this, the target is always challenged by everyone.  This time is no different.

Christine chooses Devin and he knocks her out.  Derrick then chooses Devin and he gets knocked out.  For some of these comps it's wise to constantly pick your target to try and tire them out and wear them down.  In this particular comp it might be counter-productive.  The more he gets to do it, the better he becomes at it and has more of a chance of figuring out the puzzle.  Devin actually says this in the DR  right after I thought it.  Ew, we agree!

Donny challenges Devin and actually knocks him out!  Devin really did put up a really good fight.  It looks like the plan can proceed.  Donny knocks out Caleb as well and wins the PoV.  In a truly sweet move, Donny saves Jacosta because she was very ill and didn't get a chance to try and save herself.  Devin is put on the block next to his former alliance member Caleb.  One thing I will say about this game is they don't quote "Expect the Unexpected" for nothing.  Devin's entire plan is going to be to try to convince the house that he knows he is a threat, but because he is the villain their opinion of him isn't going to change.  They can always try to get him out, but they have a golden opportunity to get Caleb out of the house.  He is an extremely strong competitor and someone it will be harder to get out down the road.  While all of that is true, letting a villain ride along with the mentality of "we can get him out any time" can most certainly backfire.  It's how Dr. Will won his first season.  If he knows that Caleb makes Amber uncomfortable, he could try and play that card with her and others as well.  I don't think it will work, and I predict that Devin will be sitting with Julie by the end of the night.

Team America's next mission is to try to get someone nominated.  We have to vote on whether or not it will be someone they believe is a floater or someone they believe is a physical threat.  I think physical threat, but either one works, really.


Zenaida said…
Thanks for the posts. I only get to see Big Brother after they put the Wed., Thurs., and Sun. episodes On Demand (Comcast).
D'Ann Jordan said…
I'm glad you're enjoying them Mama! I've loved this show since its inception and I love talking about/analyzing it.

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