Big Brother 16: The Bomb Squad, or as I like to call it, just BS

I know I'm jumping ahead, but I'm so glad someone in the house made the same Devin-Devil comparison I did!

OK, so Nicole and Hayden have decided that if word gets out that Paola threw the BotB competition, they would deny that they had anything to do with it.  Technically it wouldn't be a lie.  They knew about it, but didn't have anything to do with its implementation.  The self-entitled Weirdo Alliance needs to just keep their heads down while everyone else tries to decapitate one another.

As I predicted, a faction of the #BombSquad is against Devin and his dictatorship ways.  Zach, Christine, Cody, Derrick and Amber all want to see Devin gone.  Did I or did I NOT call it?  Devin is watching them all talk in the backyard and you can tell he's dying to find out what the convo is about.  Caleb figures 'Hey, you know what?  Devin is my boy and if I tell him in a COMPLETELY NON-THREATENING WAY that some of the alliance members are worried that he is trying to evict Brittany just for personal reasons and that it may not be in the best interest of the Squad, he'll listen, because he's my friend and he's rational and we'll all get to the bottom of this'.  Caleb, Caleb,'re pretty.  Just go stand over there and be pretty, mmmkay?  Devin is a loose cannon and he's pretty much proven that since day 2.  Devin, in true Devin fashion, flies off the handle and even goes so far as to dismantle the #BombSquad, which #1 is HILARIOUS because wasn't it Caleb that started the whole damn alliance and brought him in?!?! and #B he's the one always preaching about being a team and keeping each other safe!  Truth of the matter is, if it's not his way it's the highway.  This crazy-ass HoH needs to remember that the drop off of that HoH pedestal can be rather steep.

Caleb proves to be the bigger man (if only figuratively) and apologizes to Devin for the way things went down in the backyard.  He doesn't want the Squad to blow up and is trying to do damage control.  He also tells Devin that most of if not all of the house wants him gone next week when he can't compete for HoH, so Devin decides to call an alliance meeting to get to the bottom of it.  He's got me wondering if that was his way of poisoning the well, but Caleb wants the alliance to that doesn't make much sense.

Of course, everyone is very tight-lipped during this meeting.  That's the unfortunate thing about the BB house. You can't always speak your mind, especially to those that hold the power.  Zach admitted that he didn't want to see Brittany go home and that Paola was a floater that should be dealt with.  While I wanted everyone to speak up and tell Devin that he was making a move only for the good of his own game, you just can't do that while he's got that key around his neck.  Honesty is definitely not always the best policy. Because Zach told the truth, Devin doesn't trust him.  The funny thing about that is that Zach is the only one he can trust at this point.  Everyone in his alliance wants Devin gone and Zach was the only one to be honest about disagreeing with him.

They choose HGs to play for the PoV and it's Devin, Brittany, Paola, Zach, Amber and Derrick.  They had to play a balancing puzzle-type game and balance planets of various sizes on a mobile-type device without having any of the planets touch the ground.  It's definitely a hard game to master.  Right before the comp, Devin tells Paola that he's going to use the Veto on her if he wins it. much for everyone in the alliance having everyone's back and being a team.  Devin knows that his alliance doesn't want to vote Brittany out, so he's basically going to take their other option out of the equation and pull her off the block. That's not selfish AT ALL.  Of course Devin wins the PoV and officially has all of the power in the house.

Side note: BB is doing a really good job with the competition sets this year.  They're bigger and much more elaborate than in past years.  I'm sure that just means more time that the HGs are locked up in the house while they're outside working on them.

Brittany decides to suck it up and talk to Devin.  She played the parent card - good girl!  Appeal to the man's weakness.  She makes a deal with him that she won't put him up and will save him if the opportunity arises.  He also tells her that Paola threw the comp as a good-faith gesture if he pulls her off the block.  I'd like to think that was a strategic move and not him just being an idiot showing how he can throw his weight around and influence the house.  Strategically If he pulls Brittany off, Paola's gonna be pissed, but now he will have Brittany leading the charge to get her out.

Zach once again decides to talk to Devin regarding his honestly and loyalty.  DUDE, you've already messed things up for yourself.  Stop making it worse!  I mean honestly, if being honest with Devin the first time didn't work for you, why are you gonna opt for that strategy again?  You think things will be different a day later? Devin is CRAZY.  You should keep your mouth shut and just ride this one out.  But have to go and say something stupid like "if you're gonna put me up just do it".  Not a good move.

So of course, Devin stabs Paola in the back in favor of Brittany and throws Zach up on the block.  I don't see Zach going home.  The house still wants Paola out of the house and once again Devin has nominated someone purely for personal reasons.  Once again, I think the #BombSquad needs to overthrow Devin and get him out.  After the Veto Meeting Brittany says something that sends the house into a tailspin.  I'm anxious to see what goes down and who's smart enough to just watch and listen (#BBFrankie).

Team America has been decided and it's Donny, Frankie and Derrick.  Their first mission, to be voted on by us, is one of two options:

  1. Get two HGs to kiss ans then spread rumors that they are in a showmance, or
  2. Get three HGs to start a rumor that another HG is related to a past HG.
Personally, I'd like to see #2 happen.  That has the potential for a lot of drama if they can keep it going.  The house kiss is an easy thing to brush off.  Knowing the viewing public, they'll probably pick #1 for the raciness factor. 

So my prediction for this week is that Paola will go.  The Squad isn't gonna turn on Zach for crazy-assed Devin and they've got the votes to keep him.  Either way it goes is a lose/lose for Devin though, both Paola and Zach have made him enemy #1.  I'm just glad I don't have to wait more than a day for them to get to it! One of these days I'm going to be able to watch #BB16 live (well, West Coast live anyway) so I can tweet and get my blog up sooner.  G'nite!

P.S.  I just thought of something.  I'd really like for #BBDevil to start trending,  That is all.


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