Big Bully, sorry, Brother 19 - Episode 18: Crossing A Line

I received a message from a friend (HI MARK!!) that I wasn't going to be happy watching this episode, and I was curious as to why.  #ButFirst...

After Paul had told Jessica that early in the game, Cody told Matt he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the house long-term because neither he nor Matt would be able to target and take out their showmances, Jessica and Raven, Jessica asks Matt about the conversation.  Matt didn't want to say anything, only that the game has changed so much since then what was said wasn't relevant.  As Jessica, that would've told me all that I needed to know.  If I were in Matt's shoes, I would've said "you know, that was week two in the game, and I think that so much has changed that what was said no longer applies, but you should talk to Cody about it if you want to know what's up."

Jessica confronts Cody and he flat-out denied having an alliance with Jason and Alex (which is true), but he also lied when he said he never made the comment about keeping them in the game to break up the showmances when the time came.  Even if what he said on day 13 was no longer true, own up to it!  You can easily lie and say "we didn't know each other then" or "we weren't as close then as we were now."  Hell, even a little "I wasn't expecting to meet someone like you when I signed up for this game" can go a long way in an emotionally charged house. I REFUSE to believe Cody doesn't remember that conversation with Matt.

Paul did exactly as I thought he would.  He told the entire house the deal that Jessica wanted to not use the Hex and evict Cody, getting them to "agree" to its terms.  He even told Mark and Elena, conveniently leaving out the part where no one was actually going to honor the deal and try to evict Alex.  Mark and Elena were totally on board with getting Cody out AGAIN.  Mark tried to rekindle his bromance with Cody, but ultimately he saw it was a detriment to his game.  He's one of the biggest floaters this season, figuratively and literally.  I liked him in the beginning; now I'm just kind of over it.

Side Note: At some point when Team Jody was discussing their future, Cody seemed to have tears in his eyes.  Could the crazy-eyed tin man actually have a heart somewhere in there?  I really shouldn't joke...he seems to be troubled.  Oh well, you're the one that put yourself out there on reality TV.

The Veto meeting is held, and Jason petitions Paul to use the Veto on him so that he can be out of the cross hairs and Cody can be evicted.  Jessica only says "World Peace" jokingly, and Cody has nothing to say at all.  Paul feels that they're disrespecting him and the game of Big Brother.  Eh, I'd say he's more pissed off a the thought of them disrespecting him.

Kevin, Raven, and Matt are in a back bedroom discussing the likelihood of  Jessica using the hex.  Jessica is standing outside and once she is noticed, Jason motions that she is standing there and they switch the subject to the Veto medallion and how heavy it is.  Jessica asks to speak to Raven alone and tells her she saw the hand motion, the conversation changed and it all looked very shady.  Raven tried to convince Jessica that they weren't talking about her because Jessica doesn't know that Paul told everyone the details of the Hex power.  Jessica is now paranoid and is considering going back on the deal she made with the house.

She notifies Paul that she's going to use the Hex and all Hell officially breaks loose.  Paul tells Josh to crank his annoying personality up to a 30 and starts to stir the pot.  Josh goes into his pot-banging circus piece, and it's on.  Jessica and Raven get into a fight about hiding Alex's cat ears headband, and the #catfight begins.  Jessica is screaming at Alex and Raven, and Raven is screaming right back at her.  Cody gets Jessica and takes her outside.  Paul tells everyone to go into the backyard to continue the interrogation/antagonizing. Like sheep, they do as he says.  Matt is embarrassed by it, and Mark wants no part of it.  He's said before he was bullied and he wants no part of the behavior, no matter what Cody's done in the house.  It's a good stance to take.  I'm still kinda over him though.

Jessica feels that Paul's status as a veteran of the game makes people flock to him and want to seek his approval.  I don't know how true that is, but it's a fascinating theory.  I would like to see next season be all new players or all vets, but not a combo of both.  Ahem, CBS, I'm here when you're ready!

Jessica uses the Halting Hex, and there is no eviction.  I didn't expect there to be.  There would've had to have been a MAJOR blow-up between Jessica and Cody for her to throw away everything for the rest of a house she doesn't even trust.  I don't see them becoming the next Brenchel, or lasting outside of the house at all, but they've got a "thing" going on...whatever that may be.

The HoH comp is Zombie Golf.  The HGs have to take a zombie leg golf club and hit a ball down a graveyard path.  The ball lands in a slot with a number.  The highest number wins HoH.  For a while, Cody had the highest number.  I thought he was going to win HoH and that's what Mark meant by being pissed at the episode.  I had expletives at the ready! Luckily he was knocked out of the lead by Josh.  Congratulations on winning back-to-back HoH's, Paul!

I wasn't overly pissed with the episode, but the bullying behavior was a bit much.  The house is one giant social experiment, and unfortunately when people are confined in that way a mob mentality can form.  I thought it was unnecessary, and I'm sure a couple of people will look back on the replays and regret the way they behaved. Only a couple, mind you.  Sunday, nominations go down.  I'm not expecting any surprises, so we'll see if Cody and Jessica are back on the block, or if a back-door plan is put into place.  I'd be excited to see Cody on the block, then have Christmas use the Ring of Replacement to take him out of the Veto competition so he can't compete for his safety.  There's also the Temptation Competition that takes place before nominations.  The results of that could send Paul, I'm sorry I mean Josh, scrambling for a backup plan.

Side Note: Cody's eyes steal the show again.  After the episode and we "eavesdrop on the house", everyone seems to have their happy face on.  There's definitely tension, but the HGs are talking and laughing with one another...except for Cody. That deadass look in his eyes is ridiculous.  It's a GAME...can  you at least look like you're trying to act like you're having fun?  Yes I realize that's a convoluted sentence, but seriously dude...LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!

How did watching last night's ep that make you feel?  Was it funny as hell, were you pissed?  Was it expected?  I'm curious to know your thoughts!


Emmersglue said…
The episode went pretty much as I thought it would go, meaning the hex would be used. The HOH win though, I was not expecting Josh to win. I do feel bad for Jessica, her game was wrecked from the start of that kind of glad we aren't on this season haha.

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